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  • Digitization: an opportunity for F&B manufacturers

    Better align with consumers and market expectations in your transition towards a self-intuitive and sustainable supply chain.
    Schneider Electric - in partnership with AVEVATM and ProLeiT - provides digital solutions that integrate product and processes lifecycle management from design to operation and maintenance, to obtain tangible results in operational efficiency, reliability and sustainability performance.

    Cracking digital with Danone Specialized Nutrition

    Supply chain disruptions, stricter regulations, new channels, and mobile apps have become the trusted advisors for end-consumers. These and other trends are why food and beverage operations need complete, traceable, and transparent product information across the supply chain. Learn why and how to build a successful and integrated end-to-end traceability approach, to improve your resilience and operational excellence, protect your consumers, and differentiate your brand.

    Enhancing traceability for production efficiency

    Nestlé Waters was looking for a sustainable, all-in-one solution to reduce downtime and optimize the cleaning process at Nestlé’s Perrier factory.

    Thanks to EcoStruxure Clean-In-Place, they have improved the traceability of the process, ensured compliance with regulations, saved energy and resources, and reduced operating costs.

Discover our EcoStruxure solutions for Food and Beverage

  • Manufacturing
  • Sustainability
  • Compliance
  • Supply chain

Boost manufacturing flexibility and efficiency

Transforming operations to improve flexibility and profitability

Flowless software for simplifying design and engineering and digital solutions for ensuring process control, safer and more secure operations, and optimizing asset utilization and energy management. Improve your agility, increase productivity and visibility while ensuring safety and improve agility and performance to empower your workforce.

Discover our capabilities and solutions for:

  • Innovative Ethernet-based control platform for more performance, transparency and flexibility
  • Process control system, including MES functions, designed to serve food and beverage, and consumer packaged goods applications.
  • Single plant and multi-site IT platform for best-in-class operation, performance and quality
  • Packaging automation offer and know-how for outstanding line performance
  • IoT-ready system platform for better collaboration and reduced TCO
  • Transformation of your data into actionable knowledge and wisdom

Protect environment and maximize your energy efficiency

Meet your energy and sustainability goals and reduce costs with smart energy, water and waste management for your facilities.

Discover our capabilities and solutions for:

  • Help farmers and agri-business improve profitability and better manage resources and flexibility.
  • Provide end-to-end information of your products, including the carbon footprint from the upstream suppliers to the supermarket.
  • Achieve active energy management by reducing your energy consumption, saving money on energy and stewarding natural resources.
  • Tackle your energy challenges by creating an optimized way to access reliable, green, and resilient energy.
  • Get advised continuously on market dynamics for strategic sourcing and energy saving opportunities.
  • Ensure an optimal energy management along the whole supply chain to meet your sustainability goals.
  • Increase visibility across your entire value chain, from raw materials to finished goods to build a sustainable value chain logistics.

Ensure compliance and trust across the product lifecycle

End-consumers ask for more information, and more transparency. Is it all about trust? End-to-end traceability is a critical tool to safeguard food safety whereas stringent regulation is a driver for manufacturers to meet market demands and standards. Digital solutions are available now.

Discover our capabilities and solutions for:

  • Track your entire operations to reduce company exposure in case of quality issue.
  • Provide consumers with the right information.
  • Protect your brands from counterfeiting.
  • Ensure the right information related to the product is available for omnichannel retail.
  • Manage efficiently your assets’ tracking, performance, and maintenance to optimize your supply chain logistics.
  • Check your supplier’s compliance, ensure your ingredients quality and ease upstream traceability.
  • Protect your facilities from any unauthorized access and ensure the right in-depth defense for your IT and OT systems.

Build a resilient supply chain

Shorter and duplicated supply chains, able to meet changes in market demand and consumer behavior or rapidly suspend normal production to make high-demand essential products mean that production assets must be available when needed. Digital technologies are the most robust solution to manage complexity and improve visibility of the food system.

Discover our capabilities and solutions for:

  • Get visibility into your entire suppliers' network and identify your suppliers at risk to be ready to react to any disruption.
  • Ensure process, control, and optimization of warehouse operations from receiving and shipping product items.
  • Manage efficiently your assets tracking, performance, and maintenance to optimize your supply chain logistics.
  • Help farmers and agri-business improve profitability and better manage resources.
  • Help operational and strategic decisions for efficiency and profitability.
  • Ensure the right information related to the product is available for omnichannel retail.

Discover software, services and products for Food and Beverage

  • Apps, Analytics & Services
  • Edge Control
  • Connected Products

Digital transformation

This e-guide outlines the solutions to enjoy greater efficiency and lower costs, to increase the visibility of your supply chain and ultimately, create new business value.­ Discover the answers by completing the simple form.
Get your free e-guide

Building a cybersecurity strategy

It’s never been clearer: building and executing a holistic cybersecurity strategy is an urgent business imperative and competitive one, not just a technology issue. But where do you begin? Discover good practices with use cases.
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Explore our customer stories for Food and Beverage


RCL Food in South Africa

Leading South African food producer is modernizing and digitizing an aging sugar mill with EcoStruxure Plant.

Berto Coffee Roaster

See how EcoStruxure™ Machine helps this machine builder strengthen its competitive edge in a growing market through digitization and automation

Explore the latest insights on IoT in Food and Beverage

  • Videos
  • Innovation Talks
  • Blogs
  • White papers
  • Customer Stories

IoT: Powering the digital economy

CNBC explores the Business-to-business Food & Beverage Sector of various businesses. See how the food industry uses augmented reality and waste management tools for digital transformation.

Digitize your value chain

Food safety concerns, consumer’s increasing demand for transparency, trust issue, the need to optimize the whole value chain.

Digital transformation in Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry is faced with relentless pressure on margins due to volatile commodity prices, labor costs and constant shifts along the supply chain.

Label assurance

Label inspection check to ensure the right product is in the right packaging.

Process efficiency and regulatory compliance

Find solutions that provide high availability data integrity and process efficiency within Food & Beverage.

Digital transformation of power systems

What happens when power systems go digital? Smart, connected power equipment is the first step to unlocking a host of benefits from project management to operation and maintenance.

Doing more with what you have

Learn practical tips you can implement now to improve the overall equipment effectiveness of your plant, reduce operating costs, and extend asset lifecycles.

Critical manufacturing for challenging times

In these unprecedented times, plants and factories are scrambling to increase agility while navigating highly-unusual working conditions and disrupted supply chains.

Five keys to unlock competitiveness

Digitization is reshaping the Food and Beverage business. Companies will remain competitive only by accelerating their digital transformation and enabling profitable business decisions based on data.

Critical manufacturing in uncertain times

While navigating highly-unusual working conditions and disrupted supply chains, human health is top priority in Food and Beverage plants. But once the safety is provided, how to be resilient for future disruption?

Digitization and smart monitoring

Digitization to increase business resiliency in time of crisis.

Agility in manufacturing

Join us for a one-hour webinar where our experts discuss how to enable business agility and improve supply chain performance through the digitization of manufacturing operations.


Helping manage the growth of a diary giant Fonterra.

The SOMIC Group

By integrating EcoStruxure Machine solutions, innovative machine builder SOMIC delivers smart, high-performance packaging systems that provide twice the output with half the footprint.

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The next generation of industrial automation

Universal automation, open and agnostic software, and the unique combination of power and process are all driving more sustainable industries.

Business excellence with smart machine solutions

Smarter machines: better connected, more flexible, more efficient and safer throughout the machine lifecycle.

Field Services for resilient operations

Utilize our extensive experience in asset management, to increase your business value and quality. Learn how you can improve your TCO and digitize your operations.
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Schneider Electric kehittää luokkansa parhaita älykkäitä elintarvikeratkaisuja elintarvike- ja juomateollisuudelle. Ne toimivat turvallisuuden ja luotettavuuden suunnannäyttäjänä. Schneider Electric on suunnittelu- ja teollisuusohjelmistojen markkinajohtaja, joka auttaa parantamaan tuotannon kannattavuutta ja tehokkuutta. Samalla se myös lisää joustavuutta älykkäiden elintarvikkeiden valmistuksen ratkaisujen avulla. Tutustu elintarviketeollisuuden EcoStruxure-järjestelmiin, innovatiivisiin älykkäisiin elintarvikeratkaisuihimme, jotka mahdollistavat digitalisaation arvoketjun jokaisessa vaiheessa ja parantavat ympäristöystävällisyyttä, tehokkuutta ja jäljitettävyyttä. Globaalit elintarviketeollisuusyritykset luottavat Schneider Electricin elintarvikealan digitaalisiin ratkaisuihin ja niiden kykyihin ehkäistä energiahukkaa ja tehostaa laitoksen toimintaa ja ympäristöystävällisyyttä. Elintarviketeollisuuden älykkäät ratkaisumme perustuvat asiantuntemukseen, testattuihin menetelmiin, uudelleenkäyttöön sekä yrityksesi markkinoiden ja niiden haasteiden perusteelliseen ymmärtämiseen. Asiantuntijamme ja kumppanimme auttavat yritystäsi asennusten määrittämisessä ja neuvovat digitalisoinnissa ja elintarviketeollisuuden automatisoinnissa.