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Βιομηχανικά ηλεκτρονικά

19" rack για εξοπλισμό δεδομένων και δικτύου

Πεδία και επίτοιχα ερμάρια 19" rack για εξοπλισμό δεδομένων και δικτύου

Βιομηχανικά ηλεκτρονικά
  • Δυνατότητες

    Επιδαπέδιοι πίνακες

    ·         19" rack διαθέσιμα με πλαϊνά πίνακα ή χωρίς (παραγγείλετε τους τυποποιημένους 19"πίνακες ή επιλέξτε την έκδοση των μεμονωμένων εξαρτημάτων)
    ·         Τα εξαρτήμα του πίνακα είναι διαθέσιμα και σε μορφή κιτ με Spacial SF
    ·        Δυνατότητα καθορισμού της επένδυσης, των εξαρτημάτων και του χρώματος με ειδικό αίτημα

    Τεχνική περιγραφή:
    ·         Το περίβλημα από χάλυβα κάμπτεται και συγκολλάται
    ·         Το άνω και κάτω πλαίσιο, καθώς και οι κάθετοι ορθοστάτες τοποθετούνται με βίδες εξασφαλίζοντας στιβαρότητα
    ·         Steel front door painted with a stick Securit® glass
    ·         Rear plain steel door painted
    ·         Locking system with handle and 5 mm double-bar lock
    ·         Roof in painted steel
    ·         External fixing side panels, made from sheet steel, painted by captive screws
    ·         19" chassis made to order in accessories
    ·         Static load: 19" fixed chassis 400 kg, 19" swing chassis 150 kg, on the framework 1000 kg
    ·         Protection level rating IP55 according to standard IEC 60529
    ·         Resistance to external mechanical impact with protection rating IK08 according to standard IEC 62262
    ·         Certifications in compliance with the directive RoHs, 19" racks in accordance with standard IEC 60297-1-4
    ·         Textured epoxy-polyester powder paint finish, in colour RAL 7035 grey
    Wall-mounted enclosures

    ·         19" wall-mounted enclosure: 1 monobloc body, 19" fixed chassis, depth 400 mm
    ·         19" wall-mounted enclosure: 1 monobloc body, 19" swing chassis, depth 400 mm
    ·         19" wall-mounted enclosure: 2 bodies, depth 380 mm and 480 mm depth
    ·         Possibility to define the claddings, mounting accessories and the colours with specific requests, and to mix the 19" chassis with the universal wall-mounting enclosures with protection rating IP66

    Technical description:


    ◦       Steel monobloc body bended and welded, equipped with top and bottom cable gland plate.
    ◦       Transparent door, Securit® glass, easily removable and reversible, opening to 120°, 3-point locking system, with 3 mm double-bar lock as standard equipped with 2 or 3 invisible hinges, and with three closure points for heights of more than 600 mm
    ◦       Polyurethane gasket
    ◦       6 mm² earth connection placed between the door and the body of the enclosure
    ◦       Two 19" fixed uprights, with heights 5U, 8U, 10U, 14U or 17U; or one 19" swing chassis heights 4U, 7U, 9U, 13U, 16U depending on dimension
    ◦       19" swing chassis equipped with 2 separated locking systems


    Racks IP55 inspired by your expectations!
    • Wide dimensional range: 3 heights 24U, 42Uand 47U, 2 widths (600-800mm) and 3 depths (600- 800-1000mm) available in RAL7035.
    • High protection and robustness: static load 400kg on fixed chassis , 150kg an swing chassis and maximum load on the IP55 framework maximum load 1000kg to protect your installation. These enclosures remain completely detachable.
    • Solutions of fixed and swing chassis, double doors , colours and compositions adapted available by configured or specific requests.


    Local networks, telecommunications, audiovisuals, detection and safety for industry, infrastructures and electronic applications.