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Outdoor Heavy Duty offer

Enclosures optimized to overcome outdoor installation challenges


Outdoor Heavy Duty offer
  • Δυνατότητες

    A high IP rating is not enough. Outdoor electrical installations are subject to many challenges:

     • Weathering:
    Rain, snow, sun, dust, heat, cold, humidity, solar radiation

    Human interaction
    Electrical risk reduction, vandalism, burglary, intrusion, noise

    Installation constraints
    Power supplies, cable entry management, maintenance operations

    Help ensure continuity of service and lower total cost of ownership of yur instalaltions with outdoor heavy duty enclosure solutions!


    Multi-material offer

    Heavy duty steel and heavy duty polyester enclosures are designed to perform in harsh environments thanks to outstanding resistance.
    Standard enclosures are supplied with:

    • Canopy – help prevent water from entering the enclosure
    • Door retainer – help ensure door is open while work is in progress
    • Support document pocket – (A4) to easily access all applicable technical documents
    • Aluminium cable gland plate – to retain rated IP protection with easy cable entry

    Enclosure ranges:

    • Thalassa PHD 

    • Spacial S3HD

    • Spacial SFHD

    Dedicated outdoor accessories:

    · Burglary resistance
    · Lifting
    · Ventilated roofs and plinths. 
    ·New FanBox slim fan designed to save space while removing excess heat.

     Multiple thermal architectures

    S-line:  forced air mode
    · Most common,  and 67% space saving with FanBox
    · Heat extraction to1500W
    · dT of 5C

     T-line: extraction air mode
    · Heat extraction to1500W
    · More equipment space
    · Bottom cable access

    I-line: extraction air mode
    · Ideal for public areas
    · Enclosure space saved to install equipments
    · Up to 1500W heat extraction
    · Plain surface on each side help to prevent vandalism

    Easy-to-use tools:
    • ProClima V6.1 defining thermal management architecture & solution is simple
    • Digital rules: helps to select accessories without mistakes
    • Spacial.Conf software: for simple and quick enclosure configuration 


    Suitable for both public and private outdoor settings, especially for:
    • WWW
    • Telecom
    • Transport
    • Hoisting