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Andover Continuum

Συνδυαστική λύση για HVAC και σύστημα ελέγχου πρόσβασης

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Andover Continuum
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        The Infinity DCX 250 Touch Screen display controller sets a new standard for ease-of-use in man-machine interfaces. Using the flexibility and power of the Plain English programming language, you can create and view custom control graphics including user-defined floor plans, lighting controls, and mechanical systems such as air handlers, VAV boxes or chillers. For security applications, use the DCX 250 to track occupants by location, monitor door status, and to arm or disarm high security areas.

        The DCX 250 eliminates the need for keyboards, mice, and typing skills. Simply touch the screen to select a display, change a setpoint, or modify equipment status. The DCX 250 can be mounted and installed anywhere in your facility. With its flush mounted design, it is ideal for conference rooms, lobbies, nurse and guard stations, or virtually any location where building personnel or occupants need quick and direct access to the building.

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      Infinity DCX 250 Touch Screen Display Controller (Έκδοση 1.0) 26/9/2011 Αγγλικά Infinity_DCX_250_Touch_Screen_Display_Controller_SDS-DCX250--7.10.pdf532.8 KB