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Schneider Electric points the way to embracing digital technologies for an efficient, resilient and sustainable future at Innovation Summit Hong Kong 2020

• Virtual event offers advice and guidance on driving the transition towards a net-zero carbon world
• Businesses can benefit from Schneider Electric’s innovations and technologies to fulfil key winning factors – sustainability, efficiency and resilience – through digitization

HONG KONG, November 24, 2020 – Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, will kick off its virtual Innovation Summit in Hong Kong on Thursday November 26, 2020, with a call to embrace digital technologies to drive the transition towards a lower-carbon world. Schneider Electric identified three key areas – sustainability, efficiency, resilience – that will play a critical role in thriving in the new normal.
As part of the Innovation Summit World Tour 2020 series, Innovation Summit Hong Kong 2020 will bring together 50+ industry leaders who will discuss ways to harness digital technologies to achieve greater sustainability across industries, and create more business resilience in the face of climate change. The event presents a platform to explore how electrification, digitization, innovation and energy management contribute to transitioning to a net zero carbon world. It will also feature more than 20 in-depth strategy talks, expert learning sessions and interactive panel discussions, as well as Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™ solutions in 3D at the Innovation Hub.

“The ongoing pandemic has caused major disruptions, both locally and around the globe. At the same time the rapid pace of digital transformation has allowed many organizations to respond effectively and enabled some to thrive in the new normal. In some ways the pandemic has been a catalyst for digital adoption in every industry. It has showcased digital’s potential for dealing with incidents and creating more efficient, resilient and sustainable businesses,” said Jonathan Chiu, President of Schneider Electric Hong Kong.

Integrating SUSTAINABILITY across a multi-site property portfolio
Environmental and business challenges are forcing the building industry to examine the role buildings play in reducing carbon emissions and waste. According to the International Energy Agency, buildings consume about 30% of the world’s energy through their construction and operations and account for almost 40% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions . But there are new technologies that can begin to reverse these trends. To be more sustainable, new and retrofitted buildings need to change dramatically.

Sharing a vision of driving sustainable development, Swire Properties Limited (Swire Properties) has formed a major partnership with Schneider Electric in the digital transformation of their energy management systems. The concept is to deliver a comprehensive range of innovative, integrated cloud-based energy management solutions by implementing EcoStruxure Energy Advisor at multiple sites across Swire Properties’ portfolio in different regions.

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Energy Advisor has been deployed at Swire Properties’ five large-scale property developments in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, including Pacific Place and Cityplaza in Hong Kong, Taikoo Hui in Guangzhou, INDIGO in Beijing and Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu. It offers Swire Properties a means of benchmarking each property’s energy performance from a facilities management perspective and identifying and dealing with pain points to enhance energy efficiency, track and optimize performance to achieve sustainability. The solution has improved the energy and operational performance of Swire Properties’ premises, reducing energy expenditure and creating a low-carbon and sustainable built environment.

“Schneider Electric EcoStruxure provides a host of solutions, ranging from a few devices all the way up to cloud-based analytical platforms. This allows us to access different portfolio data anywhere, anytime. What’s more, Schneider Electric has a very strong team in cybersecurity, combining information technology and operational technology and giving us peace of mind as we digitally transform our technical services towards achieving our sustainable development vision,” explained Raymond Yau, General Manager, Technical Services & Sustainable Development, of Swire Properties.

"We are proud to work with Swire Properties to enhance efficiency – not just energy efficiency, but integration, operational and engineering efficiency. More importantly, because the EcoStruxure for Building solution is scalable and future-ready, it also helps building owners and developers increase the value of their real estate for the long term,” said Chiu.

Read the full customer case :

Driving workspace EFFICIENCY through digital transformation
Advances in digital technologies and IoT enabled devices are empowering businesses in smart buildings, smart manufacturing, smart cities, everywhere, to be more efficient and effective than they are today. Digital not only allows them to connect-the-connected and transform how they operate today, it also opens up new and even more innovative possibilities for creating the exceptionally sustainable, efficient and resilient environments that are essential to future success.

For example, Microsoft Hong Kong wanted to reshape the future of the workplace by optimizing the use of its space and increase workspace efficiency to improve employee comfort and boost productivity. Microsoft Hong Kong implemented Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor, which runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, to help create a dynamic workplace with optimized space and enhanced occupant well-being, without having to resort to a major renovation at its Hong Kong locale.

“As remote working has become the new normal, it is clear that technology is the key enabler to business resilience. Companies need to rethink how their people and teams communicate and collaborate, and a hybrid workplace can blend remote work and physical offices, making the approach more sustainable. As a trusted partner, Schneider Electric shares Microsoft’s vision of harnessing digital innovation to improve competitiveness and deliver modern workspace,” said Cally Chan, General Manager, Microsoft Hong Kong and Macau.

“As we move into a new decade, EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor addresses both our present and future customer needs. Schneider Electric has continued to respond to customer demands for optimized space management and occupant well-being, laying the foundations for future workplaces that can empower businesses to reach new heights,” said Chiu.

Read the full customer case:

Adopting Prefabricated Modular Data Centers to boost RESILIENCE
The rapid rise in remote activities across industries and sectors has made the data center the behind-the-scenes enabler of today’s new normal. With the increasing dependence on data centers, it is critical for data centers to be sustainable and resilient. Schneider Electric has the vision and a plan to accomplish both. 

Given the critical need for system resilience, rapid time-to-market and application stability, a global technology company recently set up their data center in Hong Kong and deployed the Schneider Electric prefabricated modular data center, which is the first and the largest deployment of Prefabricated data center modules in Hong Kong. The solution combines primary power, cooling and IT data center infrastructure into modules – pre-engineered and integrated with the latest controls and management software – which are built off-site in a factory environment for decision makers to enable fast deployment of data centers and quickly respond to changes under the epidemic.

The importance of DIGITIZATION
The pandemic has showcased the ways digitalization can make a difference in dealing with global challenges. The demand for digital technologies in business is now greater than ever. It is critical for organizations to adopt the right digital technologies – such as Schneider Electric’s wide solutions and services portfolio – to adapt quickly to emerging conditions, in order to fulfill their strategy of continuous improvement and to drive economic recovery through increased efficiency, sustainability and resilience enabled by digitization.

施耐德電氣舉辦「網上創新峰會2020 - 香港站」 以數碼技術引領高效率、具抗逆力和可持續的未來

• 網上峰會將提供專家建議及行業指引,以達致真正的零碳世界
• 施耐德電氣確立三個關鍵因素 — 包括可持續性、高效率及具抗逆力,助業界於數碼轉型中進行革新
香港,2020年11月24日 – 帶領全球能源管理及自動化數碼轉型的施耐德電氣,將於2020 年11月26日(星期四)舉行香港網上創新峰會,鼓勵業界推動數碼技術以達致低碳世界。藉著數碼轉型的發展,施耐德電氣確立了三個關鍵成功因素,包括可持續發展、高效率及具抗逆力,將會影響行業於新常態中蓬勃發展的進程。
作為世界巡迴創新峰會2020 (Innovation Summit World Tour 2020) 的其中一站,香港網上創新峰會將匯聚超過50位行業領袖,討論不同行業如何利用數碼技術加強業務效益、實踐可持續發展,並在面對氣候變化的同時,重塑更具抗逆力的營運模式。峰會提供了一個平台讓業界去探討如何透過電氣化、數碼化、創新科技和能源管理;以促使氣候變化控制在攝氏1.5度內,並逐漸邁向「零碳世界」。此外,峰會亦將舉行超過20場策略講座、專家分享會和互動小組討論,以及於虛擬創新中心以3D形式展示施耐德電氣的EcoStruxure™解決方案。


環境和商業挑戰正迫使業界檢視樓宇在推動減少碳排放和廢物的角色。根據國際能源署 (IEA) 的數字顯示,樓宇在建築過程及營運上共消耗大約百分之三十的全球總能源,幾乎佔全球每年溫室氣體排放量的四成 。然而,隨著創新技術的發展,將會扭轉現時能源消耗的困局。要真正邁向可持續發展,新落成及翻新樓宇均須作出重大的改變,從根源著手以改善樓宇的能源消耗。

秉承著推動可持續發展的共同願景,太古地產有限公司 (太古地產) 與施耐德電氣攜手合作,為太古地產的能源管理系統推動數碼化轉型。施耐德電氣提供一系列全面而創新的雲端能源管理解決方案,包括在太古地產位於不同地區的物業項目採用EcoStruxure Energy Advisor方案。

現時,共有五個位於香港及中國內地的大型地產項目採用了施耐德電氣的EcoStruxure Energy Advisor方案,包括香港的太古廣場和太古城中心、廣州太古滙、北京頤堤港以及成都遠洋太古里項目。太古地產能於中央平台上輕易地對不同物業的能源表現進行基準化管理,更可找出和處理物業管理上的痛點,提升能源效益,以及追踪及優化物業的表現,實踐可持續發展。該解決方案不但改善了太古地產的能源及日常營運表現,減少能源支出,並創造低碳、可持續發展的樓宇環境。

太古地產技術統籌及可持續發展總經理邱萬鴻指出:「施耐德電氣的EcoStruxure 解決方案功能廣泛,覆蓋不同的樓宇裝置到雲端的分析平台,使我們可以隨時隨地獲取跨地區地產項目的實時數據。此外,施耐德電氣擁有結合了資訊技術和營運技術的強大網絡安全團隊,使我們在推動數碼化轉型時無後顧之憂,並實踐可持續發展的願景。」

施耐德電氣香港區總裁趙啟文續稱:「我們很榮幸與太古地產合作並助其提高業務效率,不僅是能源效益,更包括系統整合、日常營運及工程效率。更重要的是,由於EcoStruxure 樓宇解決方案具擴展性及前贍性,方案更可協助樓宇業主和發展商長遠地提升房地產的價值。」



各行各業已趨向使用數碼化應用重塑未來的辦公模式。例如科技公司 Microsoft 香港希望透過提高辦公空間的使用效能,為員工提供舒適的工作環境,同時提升工作效率。Microsoft 香港採用了於 Microsoft Azure 雲端運算平台上運作的施耐德電氣EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor,創建多元互動的辦公空間和提升使用者的健康,過程中更毋須進行大規模的辦公室改造。

Microsoft 香港及澳門區總經理陳珊珊表示:「遙距工作已經成為了新常態,亦印證科技是加強企業抗逆力的重要元素。企業需要重新考慮員工和團隊的溝通和協作方式,而混合辦公模式將結合遙距工作和傳統辦公室,有利於企業實踐可持續發展。施耐德電氣是 Microsoft 的可靠合作夥伴,兩者更同樣抱有利用數碼創新提高企業的競爭力以及實現智能辦公空間的共同願景。」

施耐德電氣香港區總裁趙啟文指出:「邁向全新的年代,EcoStruxure Workplace Advisor不僅能滿足客戶當下和未來的需要,施耐德電氣並會繼續回應客戶對有效空間管理和重視使用者健康的需求,為未來辦公空間奠定基礎,助企業創出高峰。」


採用預製模塊化數據中心 (Prefabricated Modular Data Center) 以提升抗逆力


疫情展示出數碼轉型有助企業面對及解決巨大的挑戰,亦令企業對數碼科技的需求大幅增加。而不同行業需要採用合適的數碼科技 — 施耐德電氣的創新方案和多元服務。藉著數碼化技術,企業可迅速回應不斷轉變的環境,以提升其效率、可持續性和具抗逆力的營運,加速行業復甦。
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