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Schneider Electric unveils Wiser™ Smart Home Solution with new mobile app, bringing comfort and safety to the home like a “Smart Butler”

• Serving as a “Smart Butler”, the brand new Wiser Smart Home Solution (Wiser) provides a comprehensive range of connected residential devices for homeowners in Hong Kong, supported by a dedicated mobile app - Wiser by SE.
• Scheduling functions and smart sensor automations allow users to personalize their home setting/scene at their fingertips
• When smart sensors detect abnormal conditions, the app will send push notifications in real-time, assuring users‘ safety and peace of mind around the clock.

Hong Kong, 10 September, 2020 – Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, announces the launch of its new Wiser Smart Home Solution. With a versatile and user-friendly mobile app, Wiser by SE enables users to freely set their own “moment” according to their needs and personal preferences, creating a comfortable and satisfying modern living environment.

"Following the robust and rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) in Hong Kong, the concept of the smart home has gradually been accepted by consumers, interior designers and real estate developers. We believe that the highly scalable and compatible Wiser Smart Home Solution suits the local market needs in terms of function, design and user experience. Wiser is easy-to-use and delivers ideal comfort and a pleasant home living experience. Schneider Electric has further extended our home solution portfolio and launched the S51 Series Smart Door Lock, ensuring a secure and protected home for homeowners with the latest technologies,” said Steven Lee, Head of Marketing, Schneider Electric Hong Kong.

Wiser - your "Smart Butler", brings customized moments to enhance user experience
Wiser, with its dedicated mobile app, is the homeowner’s personal “Smart Butler", bringing a smart living environment that guarantees comfort and peace of mind. In terms of hardware, this integrated solution features a series of devices which include smart sensors, smart switches and infrared convertors. Wiser communicates with connected devices via the Zigbee 3.0 technology and controls various home functions. In addition, users can pre-set and customize scenes to suit their individual needs, such as “Home Sweet Home", "Home Theatre", "Sleep", "Away". It enables users to adjust the appropriate lighting, curtain position, audio and video settings and air-conditioning for every desired moment. For example, when the “Home Theatre” scene is activated, all equipment will be adjusted to the user’s preferred settings and ambiance for watching a movie.

Ease of use, future-proof technology
Wiser’s exclusive mobile app, Wiser by SE, puts control of your home at your fingertips. By simply downloading the app, all compatible home functions can be controlled remotely via its simple and intuitive user interface. It is also compatible with a voice control system, enabling users to control home equipment and switch among scenes with a single command. Wiser is a highly scalable solution which has powerful compatibility and the flexibility to allow for upgrades.

Detection function gives homeowners complete peace of mind
Users can turn on the detection function as needed to monitor the use of various devices through smart sensors, including detection of human body and object movements, indoor luminance, temperature and humidity, water leakage, and open-close movements of doors and windows. If any abnormalities are detected, an alarm notification will be sent through the mobile app, bringing improved home safety to homeowners.

Recognized quality and functionality with sophisticated design
"Schneider Electric’s Wiser Smart Home Solution is a veritable smart solution,” said Eric Fung, Chief Designer, E F Design Limited. A well-known interior designer in Hong Kong. “Wiser’s switches adopt the design of AvatarOn - with mirror-like surfaces, smooth lines and glossy finishes. They easily match and integrate into my interior designs. Wiser shatters the preconception of complex installation processes of smart technology. Without significant extra investment or complicated technical configurations, Wiser enables users to pre-set different moments in simple steps via the dedicated mobile app. It is a real ‘Smart Butler’ that supports smart sensor devices, letting users enjoy free-form lifestyle experiences without worry or complication.”

Apart from providing thoughtful “Smart Butler" services, Schneider Electric also keenly supports homeowners who pursue their vision of a dream home with an exceptionally modern look and feel. The Wiser Smart Home Solution works with AvatarOn connected switches. Additionally, the Free Locate switches and Wiser 360 Degree ZB/IR Convertor have won the internationally renowned Red Dot Design Award 2019 (recognized as the "Oscars of the Design World"), which commended their state-of-the-art design concepts and innovation achievements.

For more information about the Wiser Smart Home Solution, please visit:
Wiser Smart Home Solution Smart Home
Wiser by SE allows users to control home equipment remotely, including lighting, curtains, and AV equipment. For example, users can easily adjust the brightness of the room to 80% (left) or 20% (right).
系統可透過Wiser by SE手機應用程式遙控調校家中設備,包括燈光、窗簾及影音等,如將光度調至20% (圖右)抑或80%(圖左),輕鬆方便。
Wiser Smart Home Solution Smart Home
Wiser Smart Home Solution Smart Home
With the Wiser Motion Sensor installed on the wall or ceiling, the lights can be programmed to switch on automatically when the homeowner enters the room.
Wiser Smart Home Solution connectivity
Wiser Smart Home Solution connectivity
Activate the "Home Theatre" scene by Wiser by SE to close the curtains, dim various lights, adjust the room temperature all in one-go for the best home theatre ambience.
按下「家庭影院」模式, 窗簾徐徐關上,燈光自動調暗,冷氣溫度調低,全屋裝置瞬間進入指定場景,讓家居搖身一變成為迷你電影院。
Wiser Smart Home Solution Smart Home
Wiser Smart Home Solution Smart Home
The Wiser Smart Home Solution enables users to work or conduct online conferences at home easily in customized home scenes.
配合Wiser智能家居系統,設定專屬場景,在家工作或開會亦能得心應手,事半功倍 。
Wiser Smart Home Solution Smart Home
Wiser Smart Home Solution Smart Home
Wiser Free Locate Switch allows users to enter pre-set scenes and control different equipment with a single tap.
Wiser Smart Home Solution light switches
Wiser Smart Home Solution light switches
When the Wiser Water Leakage Sensor detects water leaking on the ground, a push notification will be sent to the homeowner via the Wiser by SE app.

Wiser 智能漏水感應開關當偵測到有滲水情形,系統會透過Wiser by SE手機應用程式即時推送安全提示,讓用戶隨時掌握家居狀況,時刻都能安枕無憂。
Wiser Smart Home Solution Smart Home

施耐德電氣推出全新 Wiser™ 智能家居系統
自動調節家居設備 貼心猶如「智能管家」

• 在香港全新推出的Wiser 智能家居系統 (Wiser),附設專屬手機應用程式 Wiser by SE,用戶可輕鬆遙控家中各項設備,貼心猶如「智能管家」
• 利用日程安排功能及自動化智能感應器,可根據日常生活習慣及需要,預設個人化場景
• 當智能感應器偵測家中出現異常狀況,可即時發出安全提示,讓用戶安枕無憂

香港,2020年9月10日 – 帶領全球能源管理及自動化數碼轉型的施耐德電氣宣佈推出全新 Wiser 智能家居系統,配合多功能且簡單易用的專屬手機應用程式 – Wiser by SE,能按照用戶需要自由設定場景模式,營造舒適稱心的無憂生活,是現代家居生活的理想設備配套。

施耐德電氣 (香港) 有限公司市場部主管李永堂先生表示:「在香港,隨著物聯網技術迅速發展,消費者、室內設計師及地產發展商對智能家居的概念日漸普及。Wiser 智能家居系統不但具高擴充性及兼容性,而在產品功能和外觀設計均能適切回應市場及用戶需要。加上Wiser系統操作簡單直接,照顧家居生活上的每個細節,為用戶帶來愜意的體驗。另外,施耐德電氣的家居方案將進一步擴展至智能門鎖市場,推出安全、可靠的S51系列智能門鎖,以先進科技為顧客打造更安全的家居。」

預設個人化場景模式 貼心猶如「智能管家」
Wiser 智能家居系統及其手機應用程式功能貼心猶如「智能管家」,為用戶帶來安枕無憂的智能生活。在硬件方面,系統備有智能感應器、智能開關、紅外線轉發器等一系列裝置,所有設備均以 Zigbee 3.0 技術連接起來。用戶亦可利用手機應用程式度身訂造不同的專屬場景模式,例如「Home Sweet Home」、「家庭影院」、「睡眠」、「離開」等,為每個娛樂、休息、運動等生活環節,調校合適的燈光、窗簾、影音設備和冷氣。例如當一按「家庭影院」模式,全屋裝置瞬間進入指定場景,讓家居搖身一變成為迷你電影院。

系統簡單易用 具高擴充性及兼容性
用戶更可利用專屬手機應用程式 – Wiser by SE,透過簡單直接的操作介面,輕鬆遙距控制各個家居裝置。系統亦可與語音系統結合,極富人性化,用戶只要一聲令下,便可隨心操控家中設備及轉換場景。此外,系統具有高度擴充性,用戶只需數個步驟,即可透過手機應用程式增添裝置及進行設定。其強大的兼容性和靈活性使系統能隨時升級,讓用戶應對不同家居需要。

自動偵測功能 讓用戶安枕無憂

智能裝置設計獲國際肯定 貼心同時兼顧時尚品味
本港著名室內設計師E F Design Limited 設計總監馮建耀 (Eric Fung) 先生指出:「施耐德電氣 Wiser 智能家居系統是名符其實的智能方案。全系列的開關掣秉承 AvatarOn 奐尚系列的簡約設計,外型纖薄、線條流暢、表面光滑,而且款式容易搭配,輕易融入我的設計風格。另外,此系統突破傳統智能家居建立過程繁複的刻板印象,毋須高昂的費用及複雜的技術配置,只需要透過專屬手機應用程式,進行簡單步驟,即可以預設不同場景模式;更支援智能感應裝置,使屋主毋須操心便能享受寫意生活,是真正的『智能管家』。」

施耐德電氣除了提供貼心「智能管家」服務,更照顧崇尚時尚品味的用戶。系統採用的 Wiser 智能移動場景開關掣及 Wiser 360 度紅外線轉發器,兩者設計同時於2019年榮獲素有「設計界奧斯卡」之稱的國際著名紅點設計大獎 (Red Dot Design Award 2019),表彰創新設計概念及創新成果。

有關 Wiser 智能家居系統詳情,請瀏覽 :
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