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Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Advisor Wins FacilitiesNet.com Vision Award for Analytics & Management Software

Hong Kong, September 14, 2021Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced its recognition in the FacilitiesNet.com Vision Awards. In a year of record-breaking Vision Awards entries, an independent panel of judges chose Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Advisor as a winner in the Analytics & Management Software category.
Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Advisor is a suite of analytic monitoring services that unlocks operational performance and remote maintenance of buildings. The solution provides actionable insights into a building’s operations and identifies areas of improvement and faults to help optimize a building’s inefficiencies.
FacilitiesNet.com is the digital home for readers of Building Operating Management and Facility Maintenance Decisions magazines visited by an average of 135,000 facility professionals a month ranging from building owners, facility executives, operation heads, maintenance engineers.

The Vision Awards honor innovation and excellence in products contributing to the efficient, profitable operations and management of institutional and commercial buildings in the United States

“We are honored to be recognized by FacilitiesNet in its 2021 awards program,” said Manish Kumar, SVP of Digital Buildings, Schneider Electric. “EcoStruxure Building Advisor leverages the latest technological advancements, ensuring facilities and building managers are equipped with the most innovative tools to better enhance their buildings’ operations. There has never been a more critical time to invest in building management as mounting regulatory, energy and occupant well-being pressures push building efficiency and resiliency to the forefront.”

Kumar continued, “With the implementation of EcoStruxure Building Advisor, facilities and building managers can shift from the conventional approach of reactive, scheduled, and on-site maintenance to a more efficient and effective approach of leveraging remote, automated, continuous monitoring, and condition-based maintenance. Enterprise customers and those with multiple buildings with diverse BMS systems have particularly benefited from the open, BMS agnostic, digital twin technology and global outreach of Schneider Electric to standardize facility operations and maintenance with EcoStruxure Building Advisor.”

With EcoStruxure Building Advisor, building managers are able to respond more proactively with data-driven decisions to reduce maintenance costs, improve asset value, increase occupant satisfaction, and create more sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. Based on customer results, Schneider Electric has reported a 20% reduction in energy cost to organizations leveraging EcoStruxure Building Advisor, achieving over $20 million in cost avoidance attributable to energy savings and reducing unplanned maintenance costs.

In addition to these cost savings, EcoStruxure Building Advisor also provides:

More accurate analysis, diagnoses, and recommendations: Using a Digital Twin approach for HVAC Equipment & Systems makes the accuracy of analysis, detailed diagnosis, and recommendation of corrective actions far superior when compared to human skill-based or rules-based software. This Digital Twin is continuously improved based on information from 200,000 HVAC equipment connected in eight different building categories across 20 countries.
Increased efficiency and productivity: Leveraging a hybrid delivery model of remote HVAC experts and local execution teams, EcoStruxure Building Advisor has enabled completion of over 16,000 tasks, which has saved approximately 260,000 hours of on-site service engineer time to detect, diagnose and create a maintenance ticket.
Improved tenant satisfaction: EcoStruxure Building Advisor helps achieve compliance to ISO50001 standards or sustainability goals based on energy efficiency improvements, improving indoor air quality to make buildings healthier for occupants in the building.

Organizations across the world and buildings in life-sciences, healthcare, universities, offices, airports, stadiums use Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Advisor to ensure facilities and buildings are safe, reliable, energy-efficient, and sustainable. Boston Scientific, University of Iowa, among many others, have achieved success to meet sustainability goals, claim utility incentives, and improve indoor air quality creating healthier buildings for occupants.

If you’re interested in learning more about Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Building Advisor, visit here.

施耐德電氣 EcoStruxure Building Advisor方案 榮獲FacilitiesNet.com Vision Award分析及管理軟件獎項

香港,2021年9月14日 ─ 帶領全球能源管理及自動化數碼轉型的施耐德電氣,今天宣佈榮獲FacilitiesNet.com Vision Awards獎項。今年入選Vision Awards的產品數量為歷年之冠,施耐德電氣的EcoStruxure Building Advisor方案在分析及管理軟件組別中脫穎而出,被獨立評審小組評選為優勝方案。
施耐德電氣EcoStruxure Building Advisor配備分析及監控服務,協助企業提升樓宇營運效益,是為實踐遙距監察樓宇表現的數碼方案。企業可以全面掌握樓宇系統的狀況,找出需改善的空間及存在漏洞的地方,並取得數據分析作出適切的決策,進一步提高樓宇的能源效益。
網上資訊平台FacilitiesNet.com連載了Building Operating Management及Facility Maintenance Decisions兩本美國知名樓宇及物業管理雜誌內容,每月讀者平均人數平均達135,000名,吸引樓宇業主、物業相關行政人員、營運主管及系統維護工程師等不同領域的專業人士的長期瀏覽。

FacilitiesNet.com創立Vision Awards,旨在表彰帶來高效能、具盈利效益的營運及於管理上帶來裨益的商業樓宇產品方案,對它們的創意及卓越表現給予奬勵。

施耐德電氣SVP of Digital Buildings Manish Kumar表示:「我們很榮幸於FacilitiesNet 2021年獎項計劃中備受認可。EcoStruxure Building Advisor透過嶄新科技,確保設施及樓宇管理者能以創新工具更有效地改善樓宇運作。隨著樓宇監管、能源效益及用戶舒適度日趨關鍵,使樓宇管理相關的投資變得不可或缺,以提升樓宇效益及具抗逆力。」

Kumar續指:「藉著選用EcoStruxure Building Advisor,系統維護無需再以被動、預早安排及親身到場的形式進行;相反,設備及樓宇主管可更全面地進行遙距、自動化及全天候的監察,亦可視情況而迅速作出維護。方案對於在多幢大廈採用不同樓宇管理系統的客戶或大型企業最為有效,受惠於EcoStruxure Building Advisor開放、不受統限制的特性、數碼分身技術(Digital Twin Technology) 及施耐德電氣的全球網絡支援,企業可統一不同設備的營運及維護。」

透過EcoStruxure Building Advisor,樓宇管理員能以數據主導作出更敏捷的回應,從而降低維護成本,提升樓宇的價值及用家的滿意度,以創造具可持續和能源效益的樓宇環境。此外,客戶的使用報告反映,目前施耐德電氣已成功為EcoStruxure Building Advisor客戶降低兩成的能源成本,節省逾2,000萬歐羅 (2億港元) 的能源支出,更大大減少突發意外的維護開支。

除了節省成本外,EcoStruxure Building Advisor亦具備以下優點:

提升營運效能及生產力:EcoStruxure Building Advisor結合了遙距的空調專家及當地的執行團隊,能夠執行超過16,000項包括識別、診斷故障,發放維護請求等工作,為技術人員節省合共近260,000小時的現場勘察時數。
提高樓宇使用者的滿意度:EcoStruxure Building Advisor幫助企業取得ISO50001認證,及根據能源效益表現達成可持續發展的目標,改善室內空氣質素,從而為用戶提供更健康的樓宇環境。

施耐德電氣的EcoStruxure Building Advisor方案被全球各地不同領域的機構及樓宇所採用,包括生命科技、醫療、大學、辦公室、機場、體育館等,達致保障設備及樓宇的安全性、可靠性、能源效益及可持續性。其中愛荷華大學波士頓科學(Boston Scientific) 透過此方案已成功實現其可持續目標,受惠於公用設施的能源管理,改善室內空氣質素,為樓宇使用者締造更健康的優質環境

如欲了解更多關於施耐德電氣EcoStruxure Building Advisor的資訊,請瀏覽此處
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