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Schneider Electric Extends 3-Phase Easy UPS 3L from 250 kVA to 600 kVA to Make Business Continuity Easy with Optimized Investment

• Easy UPS 3L now extends from 250 to 600 kVA with new 250, 300, and 400 kVA UPSs
• Compact 3-phase UPS simplifies and streamlines configuration, use, and service
• Ideal for medium and large commercial buildings and light industrial applications
• EcoStruxure™ connected to simplify management and services with anytime, anywhere monitoring and service support via smartphone

Hong Kong, May 10, 2021Schneider Electric, the leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced it has extended Easy UPS 3L from 250 kVA to 600 kVA (400V) with the addition of 250, 300, and 400 kVA 3-phase Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPSs) for external batteries. Available in most countries, the Easy UPS 3L simplifies and streamlines configuration and service, delivering high availability and predictability to medium and large commercial buildings and light industrial UPS applications.

With its compact footprint, highly available parallel and redundant design, and robust electrical specifications, Easy UPS 3L protects critical equipment in a wide range of environments from damage due to power outages, surges, and spikes. It is up to 96% efficient to bring predictability to utility costs. Easy UPS 3L includes a wide battery voltage window and accommodates a variety of battery configurations. It comes with a full range of options and accessories making it easy to integrate into different environments.

“With this extension to Easy UPS 3L, Schneider Electric continues to fill a market need by offering easy, robust, and competitive solutions that prioritize efficiency, flexibility, predictability, and reliability for today’s connected businesses. It is easy to configure, install, use, and service,” said Mustafa Demirkol, Global VP, 3-Phase UPS Offer Management & Marketing, Schneider Electric. “Thanks to an exceptional combination of competitive specifications, robust and fault-tolerant design that enhances resiliency and reliability, and an optimized footprint that saves valuable real estate, the Easy UPS 3L is the ideal choice for easy business continuity and optimized investment, whether it’s on your shop floor or in your electrical room.”

Customers benefit from Schneider’s global service setup with strong local networks of service specialists that provide customers with a complete range of services throughout the entire Easy UPS 3L lifecycle. The start-up service is included to ensure the Easy UPS 3L is properly and safely configured for best performance, reliability, safety, and peace of mind.
Simple to configure, use, and service, Easy UPS 3L:

• Offers resiliency against harsh environments with conformal coated printed circuit boards, replaceable dust filter, unity power factor, and strong overload protection, all of which make Easy UPS 3L a reliable solution for business continuity.
• Provides less system complexity and saves on CapEx investment.
• Versatile architecture and parallel for redundancy or for increased capacity. You can install up to 5 UPSs in parallel for capacity, or 5 +1 UPSs in parallel for redundancy. If a power block becomes inoperable, the load will continue to be supported by the remaining power blocks, provided that the load is below the capacity of the functional power blocks in the system.
• Enables easy monitoring and management with EcoStruxure IT’s cloud-based software suite when you buy the optional network card. For more information, visit www.se.com/ecostruxure-it and try EcoStruxure IT Expert monitoring solution for free for 30 days.

To learn more about Easy UPS 3L, visit our web page.

施耐德電氣Easy UPS 3L三相不間斷電源供應系統 (UPS) 由250 kVA擴展至600 kVA 以最具投資效益方式,讓企業輕鬆持續營運

• Easy UPS 3L由250kVA擴展至600 kVA,並加入全新250 kVA、300 kVA 及400 kVA不間斷電源供應系統
• 體積小巧的三相UPS簡化並提升其配置、效能使用和服務
• 適用於中、大型的商業樓宇和輕工業
• 透過智能手機連接EcoStruxureTM 平台,簡化管理及服務流程,無論何時何地也可進行監察及服務支援

【2021年5月10日.香港】— 帶領全球能源管理及自動化數碼轉型的施耐德電氣今天宣布,Easy UPS 3L由250 kVA擴展至600 kVA (400V),增設250 kVA、300 kVA及400 kVA 的三相UPS,並可連接外部電池。於多個國家有售的Easy UPS 3L,不單簡化及提升其配置和服務,更提高中、大型商業樓宇和輕工業UPS應用的可用性和預測性。

憑藉其佔地少、高可用性的並行冗餘設計,以及高效的電氣規格,Easy UPS 3L可確保關鍵設備於不同環境中發揮其營運效能,以免因停電、電壓突波或尖峰而損壞。該產品效率高達96%,能有效預測電力成本。Easy UPS 3L設有寬大的電池電壓窗口,可配合不同的電池設置,同時提供多種選項及配件,輕鬆整合於各種環境。

施耐德電氣三相UPS 產品管理及營銷全球副總裁 Mustafa Demirkol表示 :「施耐德電氣透過擴展Easy UPS 3L,為市場提供簡單易用、穩健和具競爭力的解決方案,滿足現今互聯企業對效能、靈活性、可預測性和可靠性的需求,加上Easy UPS 3L的配置、安裝、應用,以至投入服務亦十分簡單。其堅固耐用、具競爭力的規格,兼備有故障寛限設計,提升產品的強韌度及可靠度,同時可節省空間。不論在店舖或電機房,Easy UPS 3L 是企業能夠輕鬆持續營運業務和提高成本效益的不二之選。」

施耐德電氣透過其遍佈全球的服務支援系統和強大的本地專家服務網絡,於整個Easy UPS 3L的生命周期中為客戶提供全方位服務,確保系統得以正確及安全地設置,以實現最佳效能,達致安全可靠,讓客戶毫無後顧之憂。
Easy UPS 3L: 容易配置、簡單易用、便利服務

可應付惡劣環境,表現強韌:備有以三防膠塗層(conformal coated)打印的電路板、可更換的隔塵濾網、100%功率,加上強大的超載保護,讓企業得以持續營運。
降低系統複雜性並節省資本性支出 (CapEx)
設有多功能架構─可並行冗餘或增加容量:讓客戶可同時安裝並行多達5個不間斷電源供應系統以實現所需容量,或同時安裝5 +1 不間斷電源供應系統達至冗餘。如電源塊無法操作,在負載低於系統功能電源塊容量的情況下,負載將繼續由其他電源塊支援。
• 當選購網絡卡時,可選擇透過EcoStruxure IT雲端軟件方案輕鬆監察和管理系統:如欲了解更多,歡迎瀏覽 www.se.com/ecostruxure-it,並免費試用EcoStruxure IT Expert監察解決方案30天。

了解更多Easy UPS 3L的資訊,請瀏覽此網頁
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