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Schneider Electric Hong Kong welcomes the initiatives in the Financial Secretary’s 2021-22 Budget

The Budget 2021 – 2022 delivered by the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong SAR Government today indicated the government’s commitment to promoting New Energy Transportation, including replacing the current fuel-propelled vehicles with electric vehicles (EV) and the planned announcement of Hong Kong's first roadmap on the popularisation of EVs, setting out long-term policy objectives and plans on the use of EVs and their associated charging facilities. The key measures include expanding the EV charging network and promoting its marketisation. In addition, the Government will also take the lead to adopt more EVs. Schneider Electric Hong Kong, with its long-standing commitment to driving sustainability, welcomes the measures, with the hope of creating a favourable environment for ongoing EV development.

Stephen Cheung, Head of Digital Energy and Smart Solutions of Schneider Electric Hong Kong shared, “As climate change becomes an emerging topic across the globe, it is encouraging that the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong SAR Government proposed in The Budget 2021 – 2022 today that the Government will further promote new energy transportation, and the planned announcement of Hong Kong's first roadmap on the popularisation of EVs. At Schneider Electric, we will thrive to strengthen industry partnership to further expand the EV charging network in Hong Kong at more locations to address the supply issue. Meanwhile, to support buildings without sufficient electric capacity for EV charging, the EVLink Load Management System solution enables building owners to monitor and manage the usage of EV charging facilities, efficiently manage and distribute electricity supply via software, and balance the electricity loads across a building, tackling the challenge of the lack of electricity supply for EV charging facilities with dynamic energy management.”

“Schneider Electric has been actively promoting the development of EV locally and globally, with more than 150,000 EV chargers sold in 50 countries. To date, we have provided more than 1,700 EV charging stations across 53 locations in Hong Kong for commercial buildings, shopping centres, residential estates, hospitals and airport, including Taikoo Place I, FTLife Tower in Kowloon Bay, Festival Walk in Kowloon Tong, Citywalk in Tsuen Wan, 8 Observatory Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, The Green Atrium in Yuen Long, The Quayside in Kwun Tong, Lohas Park in Tseung Kwan O, Le Pont in Tuen Mun and Hong Kong International Airport, etc. Drivers can now easily search for EV charging locations in the neighbourhood by entering such keywords as “Schneider Electric Charging Stations” or “Schneider Electric EV Charger” in Google Maps,” Cheung continued, “Schneider Electric expects to extend its EV footprint by having more than 3,000 EV chargers at 100 charging locations across the territory by 2022, with the hope of facilitating popularization of EV and development of green transport with convenient facilities, so as to realise our long-term commitment to driving sustainability and achieving zero-carbon emission.”

Schneider Electric has been at the forefront of driving sustainability. Apart from being a member company of EV 100, RE100 and EP100 initiated by The Climate Group, in 2021, Schneider Electric has also become World’s Most Sustainable Company in the Global 100 ranking of Corporate Knights, as well as being listed on the Carbon Clean 200 list. Seeing EV as one of the keys to drive sustainability, Schneider Electric has joined the climate organization EV100 since 2020, with the hope of encouraging corporates to launch a Green Fleet policy, aiming to replace its 14,000 car fleet with EV and achieve zero emissions by 2030. Schneider Electric’s leading EV charging solutions with Green Premium certification, are applicable to EV of IEC, SAE and CHAdeMO standards in the market.



施耐德電氣(香港) 數碼能效及智能方案業務主管張志成表示: 「全球各國日漸關注氣候變遷,而財政司司長於今日發佈的2021至2022年度《財政預算案》中亦提及政府將以多項措施推動新能源運輸,而環境局亦會在下月公布本港首份電動車普及化路線圖,為推動電動車發展提供有利環境,令人鼓舞。施耐德電氣會繼續加強與業界合作,進一步拓展本港的電動車充電網絡,增加電動車充電點數目,協助解決電動車充電位不足問題。然而,部分現有樓宇未能為電動車充電設施分配足夠電力,企業可考慮『智能電力分配系統 (EVLink Load Management System)』方案,對充電設施的使用狀況進行監察及控制,並以軟件控制電力輸出,平衝整棟樓宇的電力負荷,實踐互動式能源管理(Dynamic Energy Management),解決現有樓宇『有位無電』的難題。 」

張志成補充: 「施耐德電氣一直在全球及本地積極推動電動車發展,於全球50個國家銷售超過150,000台電動車充電器。至今在香港,我們亦已於港九、新界共53個地點提供超過1700台電動車充電器,涵蓋商業大廈、購物中心、住宅樓宇、醫院及機場等不同地點,包括太古坊1座、九龍灣富通中心、九龍塘又一城、荃灣荃新天地、尖沙咀天文臺道8號、元朗The Green Atrium、觀塘海濱匯、將軍澳日出康城、屯門上源,以及香港國際機場等。現時駕駛人士只須於Google 地圖搜索欄中輸入『施耐德充電站』、『施耐德汽車充電站』,或相關關鍵字,即可快速搜尋鄰近的電動車充電地點。我們更期望於2022年前覆蓋全港逾100個充電地點,提供超過3000個充電電動車充電器,為電動車使用者提供更便利的設施,支援本港電動車普及化及綠色交通的發展,同時實踐可持續發展及零碳排放的長遠承諾。」

施耐德電氣一直致力推動可持續發展,除了成為「氣候組織」(Climate Group)倡議的EV 100、RE100 和EP100三大行動之成員外,亦位列2021年度Corporate Knights『全球可持續發展企業』榜首,並長期被選為『Carbon Clean 200 低碳全球200大企業』。電動車為實現可持續發展未來的一大成功關鍵,施耐德電氣於2020年成為氣候組織EV100行動的成員,提倡企業訂立綠色車隊政策,致力於2030年前以電動車取代逾14,000輛傳統汽車的公司運輸車隊,以達至零汽車碳排放,實踐對可持續發展及零碳排放的長遠承諾。施耐德電氣的頂尖電動車充電解決方案適用於目前市場上符合IEC、SAE及CHAdeMO標準等電動車型號,並已獲得Green Premium環保產品認證。
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