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Schneider Electric leads the development of sustainable mobility in Hong Kong with a plan to expand its footprint to 15,000 EV chargers by 2025

• Schneider Electric shares vision of the HKSAR government to drive sustainability with the popularisation of EVs by strengthening the provision of the charging facilities
• Schneider Electric strives to collaborate with landlords, developers, carpark operators and stakeholders to expand the EV-enabled mobility network with its best-in-class, convenient and energy-efficient EV charging solutions
• Strategic partnership with Sino Group to promote the city’s smart mobility development through the installation of over 420 EV chargers at Grand Central and the adjacent YM2, the new landmark in Kowloon East, making it the largest EV charging site at a composite / residential new development in Hong Kong
Hong Kong, July 6, 2021Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced its expansion of the electric vehicles (EV) charging networks in Hong Kong, in alignment with its commitment to driving sustainability with innovations and support of the Hong Kong SAR government’s roadmap to popularise EVs and its long-term vision in empowering sustainable transport. Currently, Schneider Electric had already installed over 1,700 EV chargers covering 53 locations in Hong Kong. Leveraging its recent partnership with Sino Group, Schneider Electric has expanded its network with another 420+ EV chargers at Grand Central, making it the largest charging facility in East Kowloon.
“Moving forward with our commitment to build a net-zero carbon world, Schneider Electric has been taking the lead in promoting sustainable transport by offering best-in-class EV charging solutions to fulfil the needs of the next generation of smarter and cleaner mobility. In Hong Kong, we are happy to see the number of EVs grown by more than 100 times in the last decade ,” said Jonathan Chiu, President of Schneider Electric Hong Kong, “as shown in the “Hong Kong Roadmap on Popularisation of Electric Vehicles”, the demand for EVs is expected to be on the up. At Schneider Electric, we are committed to progressing fast to support this initiative with our industry-leading innovations. Through close collaborations with all stakeholders, we aim to further boost our EV charging network by offering 15,000 EV chargers across the territory in 2025, with the hope of bringing more convenience to the EV community and making our city more sustainable.”

Strong commitment to empowering sustainable mobility from global to local

Schneider Electric is actively promoting the development of EVs locally and globally, with more than 150,000 EV chargers sold in 50 countries. In 2020, Schneider Electric also announced its membership with The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative to launch a Green Fleet policy which aims to replace 100% of its car fleet with electric vehicles by 2030. Locally, Schneider Electric has been striving to empower the EV network by installing their EV charging stations across numerous locations in Hong Kong, ranging from commercial buildings and shopping malls to residential estates, hospitals and the airport. To reaffirm its support for local EV drivers, Schneider Electric has recently added 7 new locations to Google Maps, including Lohas Park 6, Wings at Sea, MALIBU at Lohas Park, One Pacific Centre at Kwun Tong, as well as Novum Place in Shek Tong Tsui.

Looking forward, Schneider Electric expects to significantly extend its EV footprint in Hong Kong to cover more than 15,000 EV chargers in 2025. Its goal is to further popularise the use of EVs and support the growth of green transport infrastructure by providing convenient charging facilities for EV drivers.

Partnering with Sino Group to build the biggest EV charging site in Hong Kong

Schneider Electric’s longstanding commitment to sustainability has been reinforced through the recent strategic partnership with Sino Group (Sino), which shares the same vision in promoting sustainability, to create the biggest EV charging site at a composite / residential new development in Hong Kong.

With handover to apartment owners starting in May 2021, Grand Central - the new landmark in Kowloon East - together with the adjacent YM2, bring to the community a 100% EV-empowered carpark with a mix of over 420 Schneider Electric’s semi-fast and fast-charging stations. In addition to making EV charging more accessible and convenient for its residents and the Kwun Tong community, Sino is committed to contributing to the city’s carbon neutrality.

“With a vision of Creating Better Lifescapes, sustainability is integral to Sino Group’s every day operations. We are delighted to join hands with Schneider Electric to promote the use of EVs, as well as the smart mobility development in Hong Kong. This strategic partnership furthers Sino Group’s testament to sustainability, alongside our Sustainability Vision 2030 that set a clear direction for sustainability to be embraced across the Group’s cross-functional operations. Earlier in June, Sino Land has also joined the global pledge to support the Business Ambition for 1.5°C, a United Nations led campaign calling on businesses to set science-based targets aimed at limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and to strive for net zero carbon by 2050,” said Gordon Lee, Executive Director of Sino Group.

New smart charging infrastructure steps up a cost-effective and sustainable operation

The growing concerns booming EV market have major implications for carpark operators, facility management companies and landlords searching for ways to achieve greater control over the energy management within their properties, as the addition of EV charging infrastructure represents an increase in the electricity demand of a building. Powered by Schneider Electric’s EVlink Load Management System, the intelligent EV charging infrastructure ensures an optimized use of energy and a cost-effective and sustainable operation.

With EVlink Load Management System, the charging infrastructure owners or operators can monitor, control and maximize the EV charging more efficiently based on real-time available power in the property. By leveraging the existing power infrastructure, the EVlink load management system gives the flexibility to respond to an increase in demand and the EV charging stations can be installed without the need to upgrade the existing electrical devices in the building, while the system reduces costs and makes the most of their existing available power and ensuring building power availability. The system can adapt and limit the load dedicated to EV charging installations, define on-peak and off-peak time-of-use periods to optimize EV charging and avoid facility disruption and operating losses.

Schneider Electric’s EV charging solutions are made in France and are compatible with all models with IEC, SAE and CHAdeMO standards in the EV market. With the certification of Green Premium, these EV chargers are recognized with the efficient use of energy and natural resources, optimization of the total cost of ownership of customers’ assets, regulatory compliance and strong value propositions through third-party labels and services.
Schneider Electric established strategic partnership with Sino Group to install over 420 EV chargers at Grand Central and the adjacent YM2, the new landmark in Kowloon East, making it the largest EV charging site at a composite / residential new development in Hong Kong.
Schneider Electric has installed EV charging stations across numerous locations in Hong Kong, ranging from commercial buildings and shopping malls to residential estates, hospitals and the airport, with the hope of bringing more convenience to the EV community and making the city more sustainable.

施耐德電氣計劃於2025年在全港設置逾15,000個電動車充電器 大力推動可持續運輸的長遠發展

• 秉承政府對推動電動車普及化的願景,施耐德電氣將於全港加建電動車充電配套設施,推動可持續發展
• 施耐德電氣將致力與業主、發展商、停車場管理公司以及各持份者合作,以其頂尖、便利而節能的電動車充電解決方案,於本港進一步擴大其電動車充電網絡
• 與信和集團建立策略性合作,推動香港智慧出行發展,於其座落九龍東的全新地標「凱滙」及毗鄰的 「裕民坊」提供超過420個電動車充電器,為香港綜合/住宅新發展項目中最大規模
香港,2021 年7月6日 – 帶領全球能源管理及自動化數碼轉型的施耐德電氣宣佈擴展其在香港的電動車充電網絡,實現以創新推動可持續發展的承諾,並配合《香港電動車普及化路線圖》,達致運輸系統可持續發展的願景。現時,施耐德電氣已於全港共53個地點提供逾1,700個電動車充電器。近日更再下一城與香港主要地產發展商信和集團合作,率先於「凱滙」設置東九龍區內最大型的電動車充電設施,為電動者使用者提供超過420個電動車充電器供使用。

積極推動全球電動車市場 進一步開拓本地運輸系統的可持續發展

施耐德電氣一直積極推動全球及本地電動車發展,現時已於全球超過50個國家售出逾150,000個電動車充電器,更於2020年宣佈成為「氣候組織」(Climate Group)倡議的EV100行動成員,提倡訂立綠色企業車隊政策,致力於2030年前以電動車全面取代公司運輸車隊的傳統汽車。反觀本地,為擴大本港電動車網絡的覆蓋範圍,施耐德電氣亦已於多個地點設置電動車充電器,涵蓋商業大廈、購物中心、住宅樓宇、醫院及機場等不同地點。今年,施耐德電氣已於Google 地圖新增7個充電地點,包括將軍澳日出康城6期、晉海、MALIBU、觀塘亞太中心、油塘蔚藍東岸,以及石塘咀翰林峰,讓用家能更方便地搜尋鄰近的電動車充電地點。 展望未來,施耐德電氣預計到 2025 年將大力擴展其在香港的電動車充電網絡,覆蓋超過 15,000 個電動車充電器。其目標是進一步普及電動車的使用,通過為電動車車主提供便利的充電配套設施,支持綠色交通基礎設施的發展。


施耐德電氣秉持對可持續發展的堅定承諾,與同樣致力推動可持續發展的信和集團(信和)攜手合作,打造香港綜合 / 住宅新發展項目中最大規模的電動車充電設施。

於2021年5月起正式交付的九龍東全新地標「凱滙」及毗鄰「裕民坊」的停車場配備超過420個施耐德電氣的中速及快速電動車充電器,成為區內100% 配備電動車充電器的停車場。除了便利觀塘社區住戶及公眾,並提供電動車充電設施,信和同時透過凱滙展示推動香港達至碳中和目標的承諾。

信和集團執行董事李正強表示:「信和集團以『建構更美好生活』為願景,並致力將可持續發展融入業務營運當中。我們很高興與施耐德電氣攜手合作,致力推廣電動車普及推動香港智慧出行的發展。是次策略性合作體現了信和集團對可持續發展的肯定,同時與集團的《可持續發展願景2030》目標一致,訂立清晰方向,把可持續發展融入業務各個層面。今年六月,信和置業參與由聯合國發起的『Business Ambition for 1.5°C』聯署運動,響應號召企業訂定科學基礎目標,旨在將全球暖化升幅控制在攝氏1.5度以內,銳意於 2050 年前實踐淨零碳排放目標。」

全新智能充電基礎建設 達致具成本效益及可持續的營運模式

電動車市場蓬勃發展下,隨著充電配套及設施的數量增加,樓宇的電力使用亦會相應增加。停車場管理公司、設備管理公司、業主等不同持份者紛紛著手尋找方法,希望更完善地控制樓宇內的電力使用及分佈。透過施耐德電氣的智能電動車充電解決方案 ―「智能電力分配系統」(EVLink Load Management System),管理者不但可優化電動車充電設施的電力使用,更可達致具成本效益及可持續的營運模式。


所有施耐德電氣的電動車充電產品均於法國設計及生產,完全符合目前市場上IEC、SAE及CHAdeMO的標準;同時產品並獲Green Premium環保產品認證,為顧客帶來可持續價值。Green Premium認證代表產品有效利用能源和自然資源、為客戶資產優化總體擁有成本、遵循相關法規、並透過第三方認證及服務提供卓越的價值主張。
施耐德電氣與信和集團建立策略性合作,於其座落九龍東的全新地標「凱滙」及毗鄰的 「裕民坊」提供超過420個電動車充電器,為香港綜合/住宅新發展項目中最大規模。
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