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Schneider Electric accelerates its sustainability strategy, comes top in Corporate Knights ranking of world’s most sustainable corporations

• Company announces six long-term commitments, with aim to reach eleven concrete sustainability goals by 2025
• Becomes world’s most sustainable corporate, according to Corporate Knights 2021 Global 100 ranking

Hong Kong, January 28, 2021 – Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today doubled down on its long-standing strategy to embed environmental, social and governance considerations into every facet of its activities – and to assist its customers and business partners in achieving their own sustainability objectives.

The announcement coincided with the news that Corporate Knights, a Canadian media and research company producing rankings and financial product ratings based on corporate sustainability performance, has for the first time recognized Schneider Electric number one of its annual index of “the Global 100 most sustainable corporations in the world”. A jump from 29th position the previous year, the top ranking for 2021 represents an important external recognition of Schneider Electric’s early and sustained commitment to ESG issues. It also highlights the company’s transformation into a leading provider of digital solutions that facilitate energy efficiency and sustainability.

“The core of our strategy is to build a sustainable business and company. Customers, employees, partners and investors have never been more focused on ESG considerations than they are now. Schneider has long embraced those issues, and we keep raising the bar for ourselves, and for our customers and partners,” says Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Schneider’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “When we introduced our first sustainability barometer in 2005, we were an early adopter of ESG matters. But ESG commitments cannot just be a one-off, and we have reinforced ours every three years. All of us – companies, governments, individuals – can contribute to make the world greener and more inclusive. Our new commitments define the next steps of our contribution.”

The new Schneider Sustainability Impact (SSI) program will span 2021-2025 and amounts to a significant acceleration of previous targets. It is built on six long-term commitments, which are set to deliver on each of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. These commitments are: to act for a climate-positive world; to be efficient with resources; to live up to its principles of trust; to create equal opportunities; to harness the power of all generations; and to empower local communities.

“The ability and willingness to make the world greener and more equitable is not just a moral responsibility – it makes good business sense too,” said Olivier Blum, Schneider’s Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer. “The year 2020, marked by COVID-19, a string of climate-linked disasters, and the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement on climate change, reinforced the urgency for action. It has also intensified the appetite from our customers to accelerate their own transitions towards a lower-carbon world. Our solutions can help them achieve their goals, too.”

Eleven concrete targets, deliverable by 2025, underpin these commitments. And, for the first time, leaders of the more than 100 markets in which Schneider operates will set local targets to address grassroots-level needs in their communities.

Schneider Sustainability Impact program 2021- 2025:
Repeatedly recognized in key rankings for its sustainability achievements, Schneider will continue to report on its extra-financial performance on a quarterly basis, as it has done since launching the world’s first corporate sustainability barometer in 2005.

In just the past year, Schneider already stepped up on its own decarbonization roadmap and became a signatory of the Climate Pledge; was the first company to issue an ESG-linked convertible bond; was also ranked Corporate Disclosure Project (CDP) A-List for environmental transparency and action for the 10th year in a row; and was included in the Financial Times’ Top 50 Diversity Leaders ranking.

Click through for more on Schneider’s sustainability strategy and its number 1 ranking in Corporate Knights’ Global 100 most sustainable corporations in the world index.

施耐德電氣推動可持續發展策略 榮登Corporate Knights「全球最佳可持續發展企業100強」榜首

• 施耐德電氣公布六項長遠發展承諾,預期於2025年前達成11項可持續發展的具體目標
• 同時,榮登 Corporate Knights 2021年度「全球最佳可持續發展企業100強」榜首

香港,2021年1月28日 ─ 帶領全球能源管理及自動化數碼轉型的施耐德電氣,今天宣布將加速推動其長期發展策略,將環境、社會和企業管治 (Environmental, Social and Governance, ESG) 等重要元素納入為公司的營運方針,以協助客戶及商業夥伴實現可持續發展的目標。

與此同時,為企業及金融產品可持續發展表現進行評分的加拿大媒體與研究公司Corporate Knights亦首次選出施耐德電氣為2021年度「全球最佳可持續發展企業100強」的榜首,排名由去年的第29位躍升至今年的首位,充分體現出外界對施耐德電氣一直致力持續推動環境、社會和企業管治的認可。報告再次肯定施耐德電氣為客戶提供可持續發展及提升能源效益的優秀數碼解決方案,並成功轉型為領先業界的翹楚。


全新的施耐德電氣可持續發展影響指數計劃(Schneider Sustainability Impact, SSI)將涵蓋2021至2025年度,能有效加快實踐早前所確立的可持續發展目標,並有助實現聯合國提出的可持續發展目標。計劃建基於六個長遠承諾,包括:積極應對氣候變化;有效運用資源;遵守信用原則;創造平等機會;發揮不同世代的力量;並且促進本地發展。

施耐德電氣首席策略及可持續發展官Olivier Blum指出:「企業須具備讓世界更環保及更平等的能力和意願,不僅顯示其祟高的社會責任,更代表他們具有良好的商業意識。」他續稱:「2020年新型冠狀病毒肆虐,氣候相關的災難頻繁,同時亦是全球簽署《巴黎協定》以應對氣候變化的第五年,促使企業採取行動的迫切性,增強了各界達至低碳世界的意欲。此時,我們的數碼解決方案便可以發揮作用,有助客戶實現可持續發展的目標。」


去年,施耐德電氣已開始實踐其減碳藍圖,加盟簽訂《氣候友好承諾》;成爲首間發行與ESG相關的可轉換債券的公司。此外,憑藉其對環保的高透明度及積極行動,公司更連續10年於碳排放披露項目 (CDP) 中獲得A級榮譽;並登上《金融時報》全球多元化領袖企業前50名

如欲了解更多施耐德電氣的可持續發展策略,及其於Corporate Knights的2021年度「全球最佳可持續發展企業100強」名列首位的成就,可參閱以上網頁。
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