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How do I troubleshoot an ATV212 that has been running fine and suddenly displays an OC1 fault?

Published date: 13 September 2020

ATV212 drive has been running for a while with no issues and suddenly displays an OC1 fault

Product Line:
All ATV212 drives



OC1 is an overcurrent fault during acceleration. The motor is trying to pull more current than the drive can handle. Since the drive has been running fine for a while with no issues, chances are that the programming was done properly, and something has changed either on the load side (load is dragging-pulling more amps for some reason) or on the supply side (line voltage is dropping).  

Try these troubleshooting steps: 
1. Check for any new issues in the application. Typically ATV212 drives are used in fan applications. So check for obstructions in the fan (debris in the blades, worn out bearings, etc) 
2. Check for mechanical issues in the motor 
3. Measure line voltage to determine whether the proper voltage is being supplied to the drive and balanced phase-to-phase

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