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What replaces the interlocked Rowan contactors 2180R-FER**?

Published date: 24 August 2020

Cross Rowan relay 2180R-FER62AA

Product line:
Obsolete Rowan Contactors and Relays

Rowan Brand


2180R-FER series was available as an interlocked set of power relays with up to 8 poles in various configurations of Normally Open and Normally Closed power poles. 
The contacts on the 2180R were rated for 15A continuous current and up to 1HP @ 440VAC.  There is no direct equal. 

Have the customer review the application and usage.  Consider the Tesys D product for some of the power pole combinations.  Tesys D is available in 3 and 4 poles with Normally Open, or 4 poles with 2 Normally Open, 2 Normally Closed.

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