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Does the HMIZMDARX Support the HMIBM series ?

Unable to connect to HMIZMDARX from my HMIBM series iPC

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By default, the HMIBM series and HMIZMDARX are not intended to be used with one another. The HMIZMDARX is for the HMIGTU lineup of Magelis HMIs. If you must use the HMIZMDARX with a HMIBM series iPC, there is a workaround with limitations. The limitation is that you will lose the touch functionality of the screen connected directly to the HMIBM via the proprietary connector. If you are ok with this, please procedure to the procedure below. If you need the touch functionality of the screen connected via the proprietary connector, then you must use the proper part number: HMIYMINDP1

1) On the HMIBM series, uninstall the Pen Mount driver from the Windows Control Panel. NOTE: this is what will disable the touch function of any touchscreen connected directly to the HMIBM.
2) Download and install this version of the Multi-Display Adapter Utilities for the HMIZMDARX on the HMIBM series: MDA Utilities

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