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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

Mona Hussein, one of Egypt’s most celebrated designers

In conversation about her projects, inspirations, and things that make her work so gratifying. What is the role of culture in design, and how do her experiences bring the best out of her?

Face to face with Kent Wong

A design entrepreneur from China on his international collaborations, bringing cultural and oriental design to contemporary markets, and creating an atmosphere of acceptance of various design styles on new markets.

Time out with Anna Shemuratova

The highly accomplished Russian interior designer is a multiple winner of the prestigious SALON interior award. She hasn’t stopped there and looks forward to creating new milestones in her design journey.

Introducing Waldir Junior

The leading lighting designer from Brazil finds his inspiration in classic and modern aesthetics as he brings his projects to life. With a one-of-a-kind approach, he wants to showcase the impact of great ambient lighting on homes.

Conversation with Juan Luis Requena

Your homes speak a lot about your personality, and your style and design should reflect it well. Juan Luis Requena’s story on how he captures the imagination of his customers and presents them into unique living spaces with his high-profile residential products across Spain.

A philosophy to enable reliability

Hear from Frederic Beuvry, our SVP of Industrial Design and Ergonomics, on the three key principles of our design philosophy and our Design Labs team that creates new product designs.

Inspiration through observation

Frédéric Beuvry’s approach to design end solutions through reimagining the way we draw. Immerse yourself in a conversation about finding inspiration when tackling your projects.

Common Room – MJ

Schneider Electric's Wiser smart home solution seamlessly integrates into the family-oriented living space crafted by MJ, the designer from Common Room. The family of four can effortlessly customize device settings to suit their needs, usage scenarios, and even weather conditions. This integration creates a secure and convenient smart home, elevating their living experience.

Haven Design – Mary Wong

With a dedicated focus on creating the perfect living environment for seniors, Mary Wong, the founder of Haven Design Limited, skillfully integrated curved designs with Schneider Electric's Wiser smart home solution to enhance safety, convenience, and elevate the overall aesthetics. Designed to be simple and user-friendly, the Wiser smart home solution is easy to navigate, even for those who aren't tech-savvy.

Jacal (HK) Design – Fay Leung

Smart living is becoming increasingly common in everyday life, with smart home products being applied in various settings. Fay Leung, the interior designer of Jacal (HK) Design, has created a STEAM classroom that incorporates the Wiser Smart Home solution, allowing students to experience the concepts of IoT and artificial intelligence on campus, further pushing the boundaries of learning.

MMH Interior Design – Tidus Chung

Smart interior design has become increasingly prevalent, with functionality and improved quality of life as key components. Hear from Tidus Chung, Co-founder of MMH Interior Design, about how he blends a Nordic minimalist aesthetic with innovative Wiser Smart Home solution, creating an animal-friendly smart home that caters to the need of a pet-loving owner.

E F Design Limited – Eric Fung

Eric Fung, Chief Design Director of E F Design Limited, expressed that the user-friendly and budget-friendly Wiser system is a true smart home solution, apart from increased home comfort, Wiser Smart Home’s sophisticated design makes a perfect match to his interior design style.

This video is courtesy of Home Journal.

Enhance home security with Wiser

The Wiser smart home solution serves as a pivotal foundation for a modern household, offering not only enhanced convenience and comfort but also heightened home security. Whether it's residential building units or independent villas, this intelligent automation system seamlessly integrates security features, providing peace of mind to homeowners.