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Develop your expertise with Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric sees training as a key to your success. We are constantly upgrading and improving our services to reflect advances in technology, and to better enhance your expertise, giving you skills that seamlessly transfer from the classroom to real-world application.

Potential training opportunities

Course code Training Title Course code Training Title
PTRCROE000004 Active Harmonic filtering Part 1: Fundamentals PTRCROE000015 Discover Protection Against Electrocution
PTRCROE5042 Cable Length and Safety - TN and IT Systems PTRCROE5042 Discover Protection Against Electrocution (French) / Découvrir la protection contre l'électrocution
PTRCROE5040 Choice of Cable Cross-Section Area PTRCROE5040 Discover Protection Against Electrocution (Portuguese) / Proteçao contra choque electrico
PTRCROE5039 Choice of protective device PTRCROE028 Discover Surge Protection
PTRCROE008 Degrees of Protection IP and IK PTRCROE008 Discover surge protection devices -Découverte des parafoudres (FR ONLY)
PTRCROE105 Degrees of Protection IP and IK (French) / Les degrés de protection IP et IK PTRCROE105 Discover surge protection -Descubrimiento de los limitadores de sobretension (SP ONLY)
PTRCROE5002 Discover Basic Motor Protection Functions (French) / Découvrir les fonctions de base de la protection moteur PTRCROE006 Discover Switchgear Functions
PTRCROE044 Discover Disturbances PTRCROE5013 Discover the Thermal Management of an Enclosure (French) / Découvrir la gestion thermique d'une enveloppe
PTRCROE045 Discover IEC 61850 PTRCROE009 Discover Basic Motor Protection Functions (French) / Découvrir les fonctions de base de la protection moteur
PTRCROE5019 Discover Low Voltage Earthing Systems PTRCROE011 Electrical Power Quality Metering
PTRCROE000010 Discover Movement and Presence Detectors PTRCROE5002 Mesure de la qualité de l'énergie électrique
PTRCROE4001 Discover Overcurrent Protection PTRCROE047 How to Define a Universal Enclosure
PTRCROE5002 Discover overcurrent protection / Découvrir la protection contre les surintensités (FR) PTRCROE5002 How to Define a Universal Enclosure (French) / Comment définir une enveloppe universelle
PTRCROE5004 Discover Partner Devices Functions (Episode 1/5 : Protection) PTRCROE103 Install Surge Protection Devices
PTRCROE5005 Discover Partner Devices Functions (Episode 2/5 : Distribution) PTRCROE5002 Install surge protection devices - Installation des parafoudres (FR ONLY)
PTRCROE5006 Discover Partner Devices Functions (Episode 3/5 : Measurement) PTRCROE5037 Introduction to LV distribution design
PTRCROE5007 Discover Partner Devices Functions (Episode 4/5 : Control) PTRCROE5038 LV calculation procedure
PTRCROE5008 Discover Partner Devices Functions (Episode 5/5 : Home control) PTRCROE5002 Panel Builder : Organizing Your Workshop
PTRCROE000009 Discover Power Factor Correction Medium Voltage Offer PTRCROE000002 Discover the Thermal Management of an Enclosure
PTRCROE5043 Short-circuit currents PTRCROE5041 The voltage drop
ESUCROE006 Power Factor and Harmonics PTRCROE010 Understand the Vocabulary and Basics of Communication
PTRCROE009 Discover Basic Motor Protection Functions PTRCROE013 Understanding Electromagnetic Compatibility

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