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PLC, PAC and Dedicated Controllers

Schneider Electric Hong Kong offers a variety of solutions like PLC, PAC and Dedicated Controllers. A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is a computing device, that is used to monitor and control the operation of machines and equipment used in utilities and industry. PACs (Programmable Automation Controllers) control and monitor industrial operations in a sustainable, flexible, efficient and protected way. The PLC monitors inputs (i.e. voltages), and an internal computer makes decisions using logic to send commands to outputs (i.e. relays), that in turn control the machines and equipment. The system is user programmable, i.e., you can set triggers on different parameters like temperature, liquid level, opening or closing of valves, etc. It can be used in the simplest of devices like garage doors to the complex systems like a powerhouse. PLCs can also be monitored by other computer applications like SCADA or cloud-based apps. Recent advances in PLCs allow for much greater connectivity and integration with a centralized management system. Our next-generation PLCs offer built-in cybersecurity, connectivity to multiple devices or the cloud, and processing power needed to handle big data analysis.