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Acti 9 ARA

Automatic Recloser Auxiliary for Acti 9 iC60 & iID

Part of 9 Series

The new Acti 9 Automatic Recloser for iC60 circuit breakers and iID residual current circuit breakers helps you automatically reclose your electrical circuits in unattended sites in case of unwanted tripping.

Acti 9 ARA
  • Features

    With easy maintenance, the Acti 9 automatic recloser helps you to increase the availability of installations without supervision. In the case of unwanted tripping protection, installers can automatically re-close electrical circuits on unattended sites, making it ideal for use in a wide range of locations from banks and gas stations, to communication shelters and beyond.
    Choose from four different programs for iC60 with following settings :
    ●        Time delay before reclosing
    ●        Reinitialization time delay
    ●        Maximum number of reclosing attempts
    If fault is still present after maximum number is exceeded, device places itself in waiting for manual closing.
    Alternatively user can choose final remote closing.
    Completely bistable, meaning the state does not change should there be an electrical power outage.


    Benefit from re-closing electrical circuits remotely with the Acti 9 Automatic Recloser.
    Ideal for isolated or hard to access sites with applications with high dependability, the automatic recloser helps to restore circuits to operation without any need for intervention in the event of a transient fault such as industrial overvoltages and atmospheric disturbances.
    ●       Predefined program makes options easy to select.
    ●       Stay updated and get peace of mind with indication of operating sites.
    ●       Integrated padlock system makes maintenance simple and straightforward.


    Designed with hard to access or unattended sites in mind, the Acti 9 automatic recloser will provide a reliable and robust solution should a transient fault occur. Suitable for many sites, the automatic recloser is ideal for the following locations:
    ●       Communication shelters such as Radio and TV broadcast as well as mobile phone and internet masts.
    ●       Ideal for the transportation industry, can be used on railways and motorways as well as in tunnels and airports.
    ●       Suitable for quality control and measurement including water, weather forecast and air quality.
    ●       Perfect for automatic services such as ATMs and petrol stations.


    • Acti9 iC60 DIN rail MCB 4 poles. VisiTrip fault indicator
    • Acti9 Reflex iC60 DIN rail integrated control circuit-breaker
    • Acti9 iC60 Din rail MCBs & Multiclip splitter blocks

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