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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

Our Support Programs

Hardware - Preventative maintenance site visits, site engineering services, spare parts, module exchange and reserve programs.
Remote management – Optional proactive monitoring of system status and health, including recent enhancements to cybersecurity, automated backups, and network troubleshooting.
Software – Maintenance releases, service packs, patches and software updates, discounts on all offline tests, development, or disaster recovery system licenses.
Additional options – Flexible funding, upgrade and migration planning, 4-hour response times, expanded onsite visits, lifecycle assessments, cybersecurity and turbomachinery services, Arc Flash mitigation, training and consulting

Benefits and features

• Protect critical investments by effectively maintaining hardware and software systems; ensure all systems are always up-to-date.
• Maximize asset performance by reducing downtime and increasing performance levels.
• Reduce total cost of ownership and operation through innovative discounts and flexible funding options.
• Improve operational performance by leveraging Schneider Electric resources to drive added value, and maximize system utilization.
• No surprises – understand the current lifecycle status of the products in use at your site and know the best time to replace them.

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Our Solutions

Technical support - Our phone support experts provide extensive knowledge of our automation products and applications, and will help you install, configure and diagnose to resolve your technical issues.
Spare parts - Acquire and maintain the inventory levels necessary for optimal plant performance. Whether stored on your premises or in a central inventory, your critical parts are always available when you need them.
Exchange and repair - Our network of global repair centers help extend the life of your automation equipment with high-quality repair services, and detailed incident reports to help minimize the risk of recurring issues.
Extended warranty - Broaden your protection through an extended warranty and an on-site extended warranty. These options will ensure peace of mind and better control over your maintenance budget.
On-site expert assistance - Our field services experts can support maintenance staff in everyday operations, or during emergency events. Available on-demand, or on a scheduled, full-time basis, our on-site service helps you address your most-pressing concerns.
Software update and support - Ensure you receive timely updates and patches for Schneider Electric’s software products, to accelerate issue resolution and minimize risk of outages.

Benefits and features

Control your maintenance costs with our manufacturer's extended warranty. In case of failure during the extended warranty period, Schneider Electric will cover the replacement or repair as applicable with:

  • "Ship first - return later" policy (we send the new one first, then you return failed unit). 
  • Support from qualified experts.
  • Detailed issue analysis report for the failed unit.

Considering that the standard warranty from Schneider Electric covers the first 2 years, you can extend the product warranty with:

  • 1 additional year from the end of Standard Warranty, or   
  • 3 additional years from the end of Standard Warranty (for selected parts only).

Extended warranty provides flexibility, peace of mind, and improved control of your maintenance budget: 

  • Protect your budget from unscheduled expenses.   
  • Reduce your administrative costs by processing only one purchase order per warranty period.    
  • Protect your investment.    
  • Benefit from high-quality repair performed by Schneider Electric experts.
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Do you have questions or need assistance? We’re here to help!

1. What is automation maintenance?

In order to comprehend the meaning of automation maintenance, we first need to understand how automation systems work. The industrial sector is swiftly adapting to new technologies and equipment by embracing several automation systems that have been designed to perform a pre-programmed set of tasks. Automation systems include many components such as power distribution, programmable controllers, or communication systems that effectively replace human labour with an automatic apparatus. However, it is essential to keep in mind that you need to care for your equipment at regular intervals for the smooth functioning of all these components. 

We at Schneider Electric offer multiple maintenance and automated support service programmes that connect you with experts, tools, and reports you will need to maximise the lifecycle of all your automation and electrical distribution systems. Our diverse range of support programmes includes software, hardware, remote management turbomachinery services, and more. Foxboro, Triconex, PLC, and Advantage Service Plans are some of the many products we offer under automated maintenance services.

2. Why are automated maintenance services important?

Automated maintenance services are important because they ensure that the uptime of your equipment is maximised in the most effortless way possible. Schneider Electric provides optimised solutions in exchange and repair, spare parts, software updates, on-site expert assistance, and more. Here are the features and benefits of our automated maintenance services:

• Protection of critical investments by maintaining software and hardware systems; this ensures that all systems are upgraded regularly.

• Reduction in the overall cost of operation and ownership.

• Maximisation of asset performance by increasing performance levels and reducing downtime.

• Improved operational performance by maximising system utilisation.

• The convenience of tracking the lifecycle of all your equipment and devices and understanding the best time to upgrade or replace them.

• Know how you can enhance your machines, devices, and equipment by identifying all areas that can be improved or optimised.