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Merten Aquadesign

IP44 standard vodootpornosti

IP44 standard vodootpornosti

Merten Aquadesign
  • Značajke

    Colours and surfaces

    Merten Aquadesign is available in thermoplastic material, which is not only shiny but also extremely shatter-proof. Colours:

    • Polar white (similar to RAL 9010)
    • Anthracite (similar to RAL 7024)
    • Aluminium

    Large variety of functions:

    Merten Aquadesign offers an impressive range of products covering numerous applications. Together with a special adapter, all Merten System M inserts can be used in Merten Aqua design.


    Waterproof on the inside, beautiful on the outside

    • The waterproof switch range
    • High quality thermoplastic shiny surface
    • Three attractive colours
    • Watertight, scratch-proof and UV-stable
    • Meets IP 44 standard
    • Elegantly-shaped design
    • Cover frames up to 4-gang versions make it easy to find the right solution in any kind of installation
    • Cover frames can be screwed on - a unique solution for high mechanical resistance even in public areas
    • With an adapter, is compatible with all System M components


    Merten Aquadesign is dedicated for use in professional kitchens, laundries, outdoor areas like terraces or pools and wellness areas such as in hotels for example.