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Spacial SBM

Steel industrial boxes

A comprehensive range of steel industrial boxes with different dimensions in plain cover versions, entry plate versions or BUS version.

Spacial SBM
  • Značajke

    Simplicity, ergonomics and versatility, it's all in the box

    The Spacial SBM range is ready to deliver the protection you need in the industry’s most challenging applications.

    • 45 different boxes in plain versions, entry plate versions and a BUS version with a glazed door and entry plates are available
    • Easy installation with direct fixing through the rear, or mounting with external lugs
    • Steel enclosures, protected inside and outside with epoxy-polyester paint in RAL 7035 grey
    • Polyurethane sealing gasket applied throughout the range Multiple installation accessories

    Engineered for your business:


    • Ergonomic - extension box and accesories allow ease of component installation and adjustment
    • Versatile – FL21 cable entry compliant for seamless and easy connections
    • Extensive – the industry’s largest combination of dimensions, with 42 varieties available in the catalogue
    • Compatible – easy to use, simple to install thanks to compatibility with many existing boxes and their accessories
    • Durable – attractive and tough design provides protection of your most sensitive electronics
    • Dependable – reliable delivery world-wide to get you up and running on schedule.



    Spacial SBM metallic boxes

    • Protection: IP 66 or IP 55 across the range
    • Selection: 80mm and 120mm depths available, with or without pre-built FL 21 cable entries
    • Strength: Rated up to IK 10
    • Ease of use: Install with just a screwdriver
    • Modularity: Straightforward range of widths, heights and depths


    The Spacial SBM range is ideal for use in a diverse range of industrial machine and building functions. It offers the best performance in its class and is the result of forward-thinking design and meticulous manufacturing quality that you can count on.