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Spacial SFHD

Outdoor heavy duty Floor-standing enclosures made in steel


Spacial SFHD
  • Značajke

    Spacial SFHD steel enclosure has steel is recommended for outdoor private areas and engineered to resist harsh and aggressive environments thanks to its capacity to resist to:
    • Corrosion 
    • UV


    Standard version supplied with:
    • Curved canopy
    • Rear and side removable panel equipped with anti-vandalism screws
    • Handle with key lock (1242E type) and padlock option
    • Aluminum cable gland plate
    • Door retainer
    • Plastic document pocket (A4 size)

    • IP 55
    • IK 10
    • Up to 1000 kg load capacity
    • Corrosion resistance at level C4H according to ISO12944 standard
    • Solar radiation class 1 up to 1120 W/m² conforming to IEC 61969-3

    Dedicated accessories:

    • New dedicated ventilation solutions to be integrated in roof, side or plinth
    • Ventilated stainless-steel plinth available


    Suitable for Private locations like as:
    • Tunnels
    • Airports
    • Solar plants
    • Building