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Facilitate your building

spaceLYnk connects all building functions

  • Značajke

    spaceLYnk connects building control functions, thus achieving a complete building management solution for small and medium as well as large buildings.

    A centralised solution that reduces energy and maintenance costs, increases comfort and flexibility and simplifies building management.

    spaceLYnk is the new logic controller, which allows to connect different standards and protocols for home automation and energy metering.


    With spaceLYnk you can control and manage all general building functions like lighting, shutters and heating easily.

    Maintenance information, like alarms for broken lamps or the status of all connected devices, is permanently accessible. This facilitates planning maintenance works in the most efficient way, which is convenient as well as cost-saving, particularly in extensive building complexes. 

    Beyond that, the intuitive spaceLYnk interface - locally or remotely on hand at any time - monitors information on current as well as historic building data.

    spaceLYnk is flexible
    - Interoperable and connecting different building automation systems

    spaceLYnk is customisable
    - Interface can be designed to customers' individual needs

    spaceLYnk is efficient
    - Easy to install and repetitive configuration


    Small and medium buildings
    The unique user interface visualises energy metering, building control and maintenance data. Local and remote access via PC, smartphone and tablet allows consistent control and immediate action.

    Large buildings
    Interoperable with different systems, spaceLYnk enables linking lighting, shutter and heating control systems to the central BMS, e.g. SmartStruXture.