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PlantStruxure and PlantStruxure PES libraries

Repository of function blocks, graphic objects, services and application examples with embedded domain knowledge for Hybrid controls.

Libraries contain domain know-how ensapculated into functional objects for control and supervision, preconfigured to work with each other. These objects are built on a base participant such as Unity Pro, Vijeo Citect, Wonderware System Platform or PES, and can used repetitively with minimum effort to build process applications for Hybrid Industries.

PlantStruxure and PlantStruxure PES libraries
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    Libraries are an integral part of the PlantStruxure architecture, bringing together domain experience and industrial standards like ISA-88  to deliver solutions to improve operational and energy efficiency along with improved maintenance tracability. Libraries focus on delivering engineering and deployment cost advantages to users. They contain objects for control and supervision which are pre configured, tested and validated.

    The following sets of libraries are available:
    1) General Purpose Library – Comprised of functions for process control, I/O acquisition, sequential control, signaling, device communication and diagnostics

    2) Segment Library – Comprised of functions specific to an application for a vertical industry, e.g., WWW, MMM, F&B etc

    3) Advanced Libraries – Comprised of functions which deliver advanced operational capabilities to customers for Energy Management and Advanced Process Control


    Reduced Time-to-Market  
    Device integration & management
    Energy awareness
    Improved operational efficiency
    Powerful diagnostics
    Maintenance information for informed decision making


    The General Purpose, Energy Management and APC libraries are transversal functional libraries that can be used across various industries to develop any process application.
    The WWW Library comprises function blocks to manage water & wastewater treatment for municipal and industrial water processes. It also includes functions to manage pumping stations.
    The MMM Library comprises function blocks to manage material transport.
    The Mining Library comprises function blocks to manage ore transport, seperation, grinding and drying operations.
    The Cement Library comprises function blocks to manage kiln operations, lubrication systems and gas analysis processes.