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TeSys GV4

Motor circuit breakers up to 115 A and 55 kW

A compact, robust and innovative motor circuit breakers line.

TeSys GV4
  • Značajke

    The GV4P Electronic core gives high accuracy, wide settings, dual class 10/20 and low heat dissipation. GV4PEM also includes advanced protections and pre-alarms.

    TeSys GV4 is available in three different versions:
    • GV4 Type L: Magnetic short circuit protection to be used with an overload relay or a drive
    • GV4 Type P : Magnetic short circuit and overload protection 
    - Electronic core for high-accuracy, wide-settings , dual motor class 10/20
    • GV4 PEM: Magnetic short circuit and overload protection with advanced settings and pre-alarming 
    - SDx side module available for alarming and fault differentiation (GV4 PEM)

    • Covers motor protection from 0.25 to 55 kW at 415 V AC (from 0.8 to 115 A) all in one frame
    • Available in three different breaking capacities: 
    - 25, 50 and 100 kA at 415 V AC IEC (15, 35, 65 kA at 480 V UL)
    • Patented EverLink creep-compensating technology 
    - Spring-based system ensures a long-lasting connection 
    - Improve overheating leading to trip 
    - Reduce risk during short circuit
    • Ergonomic rotary handle for easy switching and controlling with clear trip indication. Other options include: 
    - Toggle 
    - Side 
    - Extended


    The TeSys GV4 is one of the most efficient and reliable solutions of its size. With advanced protection and pre-alarms you can have better process control and anticipant problems before they happen.

    Save time:
    • Simple to specify, install and use for all applications
    • Dual class to reduce commercial references
    • Smart phone access to facilitate maintenance on site
    Improve efficiency:
    • Compact, space saving design
    • One click accessories with spring terminal
    • Externally visible auxiliaries
    Increase safety:
    • 90-year history of engineering
    • EverLink technology ensures lasting connection
    • Double rotary contact improves breaking capacity as Compact NSXm
    • Reflex tripping mechanism for double protection during short circuit


    These compact, innovative, and high-performing motor circuit breakers are designed to ensure continuous motor operation under the toughest conditions. The devices are adaptable to many requirements, and can be used for a variety of demanding applications in industries such as: 
    • Oil & Gas
    • Wastewater treatment facilities
    • Mining
    • Energy