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Acti 9 Smartlink SI D

Monitor your large business electrical equipment via your supervision system

Acti 9 Smartlink SI D is the simplest and most efficient to achieve a fully connected panel. Working to improve your electrical uptime with pre-alarms, you can also grow your energy monitoring of final loads with PowerTags.

Acti 9 Smartlink SI D
  • Značajke

    From ease of installation to an existing panel, to providing you with the ability to scale your load monitoring system the way you want to, the Acti 9 Smartlink SI D is packed full of intuitive and helpful features.

    • Easy to install, helping to quickly reduce meter installation wiring errors thanks to the wireless energy sensors from PowerTag.
    • Fully connected: Benefit from pre-alarms and alarms over email or directly to the Facility Expert app ‘EcoStruxure™’.
    • Customise your alarms in your BMS or directly from your Smartlink SI D.
    • Dedicated Smartlink embedded web pages help you to easily configure any trip, overload pre-alarm or voltage loss alarm.
    • Provides you with the full flexibility required to allow you to grow your load monitoring system at your own pace.
    • Easier than ever monitoring with the intuitive PowerTag Energy sensors.
    • Effortless collection of rich and accurate data from the PowerTag energy sensors, allowing you to accurately monitor all the critical loads.
    • Simple to commission into a BMS with clear limits of responsibilities between project actors.
    • Allows panel builders to easily test every system connection before generating a complete data rich test report.
    • Know exactly when the panels are ready for full integration into building management systems with accurate reporting.
    • Full integration with Acti 9 Communication System, providing constant high levels of monitoring and control.
    • Possibility to combine Acti 9 Smartlink SI B with Mobus slaves on large installation, allowing for as many inputs as required.
    • Benefit from native integration to COMX510 to access energy dashboards at building level, SpaceLynk for simple and straightforward scheduling or SBO automation server for a Schneider-Electric Building system.


    Get the control you need quickly and achieve a fully connected panel with the easy to install Acti 9 Smartlink SI D. Suitable for a wide range of new and existing buildings, it’s fully connected, open and flexible, allowing you to scale your load monitoring system with>

    • Acti 9 SmartlinK SI D is simple to install, commission in new or existing buildings.
    • It is easily connected to your BMS, your mailbox, or your EcoStruxure™ smartphone app.
    • It is open, flexible and scalable, allowing you to grow your monitoring at your own pace.


    Effortlessly monitor all your electrical equipments that are essential to the smooth running of your business with a connected panel whilst improving efficiency levels and cutting down on costs with Acti 9 Smartlink SI D.

    • Easy monitoring of all your electrical equipments with rich and accurate data.
    • Provides you with the opportunity to improve energy efficiency.
    • Cost allocation and remote-metering.