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    Security man surveying the area through multiple monitors, cyber security, security system

    Plant safety and security

    Mining operations are under increasing pressure to make their buildings and facilities safer, whether due to physical threats in the workplace, corporate espionage and potential theft of physical and intellectual property, or to meet the ever-changing and more stringent regulatory environment for security and reporting.

    • Solutions

      Complete solution for security, video and access control

      • Intelligent Video Analytics: Through automated digital screening and filtering, video analytics can identify specific conditions and notify operators of potential situations
      • Property Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems: Advanced features for outdoor, indoor and underground applications
      • Process Cameras: Explosion proof/ thermal/ thermography
      • Video Management Systems: Mission-critical surveillance operations requiring around-the-clock monitoring and unwavering reliability
      • Access Control Management: Seamless integration between surveillance, access control and identity management 
    • Value Proposition

      • Schneider Electric delivers integrated surveillance solutions for harsh environments that must meet the safety requirements for protection of man and machine.
      • Video Analytics and thermography bring additional value by delivering information from process control , environmental, and emission systems.
    • Differentiation

      • Integration between surveillance and access control 
      • Coupled solutions for process supervision and image analytics 
      • Customized solutions for specific applications 
      • Unparalleled quality and robustness 
      • Highest-quality video even in harsh environments and challenging lighting conditions


    • Cementgyár éjszaka, cementgyártás.

      Personnel safety
      Asset and plant safety
    • gázfúró berendezés, olaj és gáz, bányaipar

      Prevention of theft and vandalism
      Better access control of both contractors and employees
    • Szénbányász egy kosár szénnel, bányaipar, bányászati feldolgozóipar

      Process monitoring and optimization Environmental monitoring
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