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How to block networks between two ProWORX NxT databases.

Published date: 30 May 2019

Copy networks from one ProWORX NxT database into another ProWORX NxT database.

Prodcut Line

Open the ProWORX NxT source database file from which you wish to copy the network(s). From the "Edit" menu select "Blocking" then "Network Range". This will open the 'Network Block Range' window. Enter the network or multiple networks you wish to copy. For one network the Start and End Range should be the same.

Click the 'OK' button. This will highlight the network(s) you chose in blue. Go back to the "Edit" menu and select "Blocking" then "Save". This will open the 'Block Save' window.

Once you click the 'OK' button a *.BLK file will be created using the source database name and location by default. This file name and location can be altered, if desired, before generating the *.BLK file.

Open the ProWORX NxT target database file into which you wish block the network(s). Page down to the network location where you wish to insert the block or you can insert it as the first network. From the "Edit" menu select "Blocking" then "Load". The 'Block Load' window appears.

Select the path and file name (with a .BLK extension) of the block file that you created from the source database. Select whether to load the descriptors by clicking the corresponding check box. Select whether to load the register contents. Select whether to offset used register addresses for the networks being blocked. Click the 'OK' button. The block is loaded into the target database if all checks for address ranges and valid instructions pass.

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