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How do you set up and route through SY/MAX NIM modules to a SY/MAX PLC using 8010 SFW572 WINMATE Software?

Published date: 05 February 2020

How to set up a routing path using WinMate software.

Product line:

WinMate Software

Unable to connect to the Sy/Max processor through a NIM.


The first 3-digit number represents the source. The source is the connection point between the personal computer

                • and the Network. The last 3-digit number represents the destination. The destination is the connection point between
                  the SY/MAX processor and the Network. The first digit of the 3-digit number indicates the port on the NIM
                  (Network Interface Module) to which the computer or processor is connected. The first digit can be a 1 or 0, indicating
                  one of two ports on the NIM.

Causes and Fixes

Shown below is a simple routing path from a PC through 2 NIM modules

Note: The Symax product line was made obsolete it 2015 and it is recommended to upgrade to the M580 and the x80 I/O.

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