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How to read the Real Energy value from PM 210.

Published date: 22 August 2018

The Real Energy consumption measured by PM210 is stored in two words, register addresses 4000 and 4001. It is a long analog type variable (long word).
The range of this register is in hexadecimal format is and between 0 and 0xFFFFFFFF. However, the register can hold a value up to 32767. If the measured energy value is larger, to prevent register data overflow, scale factor is used. This factor converts the register value within the range -32767 up to +32767. The scale factor is deposited in a single word register at address 4108.
Now to find out the Real Energy consumption measured value in PM210, follow the below steps :
  1. Read the first word (4000) in hexadecimal format. Example 0000;
  2. Read second word (4001) in hexadecimal format. Example 1ADF;
  3. Combine the registers value as 0001ADF and convert them into decimal format. 00006879
  4. Read the scale factor register value 4108. Example -2. This is a power of 10 and this means 0.01.
  5. Multiply 00006870x0.01 and the result is 68.7 kWh the Real Energy Consumption.

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