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Does Schneider Electric offer a suitable replacement for the obsolete Berger Lahr WS5-5 or WS5-9?

Published date: 22 August 2018

Yes, while the Berger Lahr WS5-5 and WS5-9 are obsolete they can be replaced by upgrading to the Schneider Electric Lexium SD326 type drive.

Upgrading to Lexium SD326 will require the motor which is used with the original WS5-x also be replaced.
This is because the WS5-x products are 5 phase stepping motor drives used with 5 phase stepping motors.
The 5 phase stepping motors are not compatible with the Lexium SD326 because it is a 3 phase stepping motor drive.

Fortunately the family of BRS motors that are compatible with Lexium SD326 share a common frame size, mounting hole location, and shaft diameters found in the 5 phase stepping motors from the VRDM5x series, thereby making upgrading to new 3 phase stepping motors and drives a simple process.

The catalog for Lexium SD3 type drives and BRS 3 phase stepping motors can be downloaded from the link below:

If you need assistance is selecting suitable replacement products please contact Schnieder Electric technical support at 888-266-8705.

rev 8-22-18

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