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Why M238 plc not in RUN after power off/on ?

Published date: 04 September 2018

If you do not have external battery or external battery is depleted, sio only internal battery is in M238. You need to let in charge at least 22h before doing a power off. The full chardged internal battery can support a poweroff of the PLC only 3 days duration without losinf any datas. With more than 3 days without power (and without external battery), the PLC will stay in STOP at the next powerON because the internal state of the PLC( Stop or RUNNING) is included into the "few system internal variables" saved into the 'RAM saved area' during PowerOff procedure.
Recommandations: 1)Use the external battery or; 2) Configure the External input as STOP/RUN input; 3) Change the Starting mode options in SoMachine software to "Start in Run".

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