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Database Manager: "Cannot Authenticate. Did you want to run this application in restricted mode?" message.

Published date: 30 April 2018

A message saying "Cannot Authenticate.  Did you want to run this application in restricted mode?" appears when running Database Manager.  If you select Yes, Database Manager still runs, but with decreased functionality where you can only attach, detach, restore, and upgrade databases. 

Restricted Mode Message:

Product Line
ION Enterprise 6.x.x
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0.x
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x
Power Monitoring Expert 8.0

Database Manager - IONE, PME, SPM

Database Manager authenticates user credentials by referencing a table in ION_Network which holds encrypted user account information.  If the ION_Network database is detached or is from an older version of ION Enterprise (pre 6.0) that did not use the ION_Network database to store encrypted user credentials, Database Manager will still open up.  Without the encrypted user account information, Database Manager cannot authenticate the user account used to log in, hence not allowing full access to its capabilities.

Reattach ION_Network to the SQL server that ION_Data is attached to and rerun the Database Manager.  With ION_Network attached, Database Manager will have full functionality.
You can use SQL Server Management Studio to reattach the ION_Network database.  The directions to attach ION_Network are shown below: 

1.  Open up SQL Server Management Studio and login with an account with enough privileges to attach/detach databases.
2.  Right click on Databases and select Attach.

3.  Once the Attach Databases window pops up, select Add under Databases to Attach:

4.  Find the location of the ION_Network mdf file in the Locate Database Files window and select OK.
5.  Verify the Current File Path under "ION_Network" Database Details and make sure it points to the correct locations of the mdf and ldf files.

6.  Click OK and verify that the ION_Network database is attached.

7.  Restart Database Manager - Now it should open up properly without the restricted mode message because it was able to authenticate the user credentials within the ION_Network database.

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