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Video: PowerLogic PM8000 series meter custom screens

Published date: 26 November 2018

While setting up the custom screens for the PowerLogic PM8000 series meter, the warning "No compatible registers" is shown when the power meters module is expanded as shown in the screen shot:

Product Line
PowerLogic PM8000 series meter

PM8000, ION Setup v3.0

On an older version of ION Setup v3.0, "Show all registers" might have been selected. This may result in the inability to select a parameter - making it difficult to create a custom screen for the PM8000 series meter.

Ensure that the system is running the latest version of ION Setup 3.0. (

To setup custom screens within the ION Setup Basic Configuration (Setup Assistant):
  1. Run ION Setup, select the PM8000 meter required and open 'Setup Assistant'.
  1. Navigate to the 'Custom Displays' tab, select 'Custom Displays' and click Edit.

  1. The display editor window should appear allowing the user to create or edit screens.
  1. Select the desired screen and click edit to modify the screen type, parameters and digit display properties.
  1. Within the 'Step 2: Select Parameters', click Edit and ensure that "Show all available registers" is unchecked. Expand the measurement type, select the applicable parameter, click OK and Send in the display setup window.

To setup custom screens within the ION Setup Advanced Configuration:
  1. Right-click on the meter device in the ION Setup window and select properties. Within the device properties window, select the 'Tools' tab and change the 'Device Setup' to 'Show Advanced ION Setup' in the drop-down list and click OK. As a shortcut, you may also hold down the 'CTRL' key and click on the meter.
  2. Select the 'Display Modules' from the PM8000 modules list and right-click to create a new module within the folder.
  3. Each custom screen can display up to 6 parameters. Highlight a source in the Inputs tab and click Edit to select a parameter from one of the modules.
  1. Click on the 'Setup Registers' tab to adjust the screen title, resolution, number and last digit mode as shown below. Once done, click send.

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