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Assigning IP Addressing Parameters to a new Unity Momentum processor for the first time.

Published date: 30 April 2018

First Power-Up
When you first connect the processor to an Ethernet network and power it up, it transmits a request for IP address settings. The BOOTP request can be handled by either a BOOTP or a DHCP server. If both of the following conditions exist, the server assigns the processor its IP address settings.
  • A BOOTP or DHCP server exists on the network
  • The server is configured to recognize the processor by its MAC address
NOTE: Consult with your system administrator to determine if a BOOTP or DHCP server exists on your network. Your system administrator can help you configure the server to maintain the processor IP address settings. If no BOOTP or DHCP server exists on your network – or the server is not configured to deliver IP address settings to the processor – the processor assigns itself a default IP address.

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