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Is it SDI-12 protocol supported in SCADAPack controllers?

Published date: 29 June 2018

The SDI-12 protocol is a master-slave protocol and SCADAPack 32 or SCADAPack 3xx series controller can be used as a master to communicate with slave SDI-12 devices. The SCADAPack SDI-12 master can communicate with multiple slave devices. 5915 SDI-12 Interface Module (SE p/n TBUX297475) or the third party device is used as SDI-12 hardware communication layer. The SCADAPack SDI-12 driver (custom C/C++ application) enables the SCADAPack 32 or SCADAPack 3xx series controller to communicate with SDI-12 devices.SDI-12 user manual and driver are in the attachment.

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