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Why is SoMachine Startup Performance Sometimes Slower?

Published date: 04 September 2018

Beside the PC configuration there are several other conditions which can increase the time SoMachine is consuming during startup:

Condition 1:
Boot Phase: first start after SoMachine installation
Startup Performance: On first start after SoMachine has been installed, the software will generate its working environment on the PC. This is done only one time but has significant impact on the  duration of the first startup.

Condition 2:
Boot Phase: first start after reboot
Startup Performance: After rebooting the PC, the startup time of SoMachine can be longer than usual because Microsoft Windows consumes some time in the background to launch services that are needed to run SoMachine. This can have impact on the startup duration and cannot be avoided.

Condition 3:
Boot Phase: subsequent starts
Startup Performance: Users experience better performance of the startup when the system has been started previously on the PC.

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