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Is it possible to operate a Lexium 32 servo drive from single phase mains if the drive is designed for 3 phase mains?

Published date: 15 March 2019

Although it is possible to temporarily opererate a LXM32 drive which is designed for 3 phase mains from single phase mains, it is not recommended for a long term solution.
There are parameters within the LXM32 that will permit the drive to enable and not report an error if one of the mains phases is missing.
However, these parameters were provided with the intention of operating the drive from a DC bus or as a short term solution when testing a drive in a location where 3 phase mains is not available, such as in a typical office environment.

Therefore it is not advisable to operate a LXM32 servo drive from single phase mains if the drive a 3 phase desgn.

When operating the drive with a missing mains phase, the power will be reduced to about one third because of the missing phase. 
This will result in the internal DC bus voltage being much lower resulting in approximately half the needed DC bus voltage.

Additional concerns would be but very fast charge and discharge rates of the internal DC bus capacitors when opertating the drive from single phase supply, which could significantly reduce capacitor lifetime. 

Again, the parameters for disabling mains detection was intended for short term operational testing when 3 phase power is not available, as commonly available in an office environment. 
Also, disabling of mains detection is for applications which use common DC bus. 

In summary, no validation exists for Lexium 32 drives designed for 3 phase mains to be used on single phase mains. 
Any long term operation of a LXM32 drive designed for 3 phase mains on single phase mains will likely result in drive failure which is not covered under the warranty.


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