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What are the new features in SoMachine Basic v1.5?

Published date: 05 September 2018

The new features in SoMachine Basic v1.5 are:
  • Modbus Serial IOScanner
  • More than 2 operands in OPERATION instructions
  • Drive Function Blocks - To replace Twido Modbus macros
  • RTC Function Block (read and write RTC)
  • Project comparison with controller application
  • Copy/paste of configuration, symbols, comments, constant values, FB parameters
  • Re-compile only required on program modification
  • Smart coding and smart assistant on OPERATION block in Ladder
  • Import/Export of POUs or FreePOUs
  • Detachment of the Grafcet view in a new window
  • %S9 (fallback values) implementation
  • Extended mode on TM3A8/G module
  • Master and periodic tasks can be configured from 1 ms.
  • Extension to 2000 persistent variables
  • Add Modbus requests 5 and 6 in “Write Var” Function Block
  • PTO using  only one output
  • One Licensing registration brick
  • Three additional project example templates:
  • xSample_Analog_Data_Scaling
  • xSample_PTO_Motion_Table
  • xSample_Drive_FB_Display
  • A search tool for the templates
  • Help “?” Button menu has been extended
  • Capability to update TM3 firmware update with an SD card
  • A protected project is hidden from view after application upload until the password is provided
  • Create symbols and comments in Online mode
  • New I/O bus error management (active mode)
  • New user interface language: Czech (the online help remains available in English)

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