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What are the new features in SoMachine Basic v1.3 SP2?

Published date: 04 September 2018

The new features in SoMachine Basic v1.3 SP2 are:

EthernetNet/IP Adapter
Modbus TCP Mapping table
TM2/TM3 optional feature
SMS function block
Report improvements (Hardware objects configuration, Animation tables, Memory Consumption view, Remote Graphic Display and Software objects configuration)
Remote Graphic Display enhancements in Operator interface and Setup application
  • The Graphic Display home page is a page from the operator interface
  • A page can be selected from the controller application
  • Information on the resolution of alarms is displayed in history page
  • Faster adjustment of values in setup menu
  • The setting of IP address is faster and automatically saved
  • New %S to display the alarm page on an alarm and/or display it with red backlight
HSC enhancements:
  • New HSC Dual phase modes: Quadratures x1, x4 (in addition to x2)
  • Frequency meter in double word format
  • HSC supports 100 kHz, in all counter modes
Commissioning enhancements:
  • Download a new application without erasing memory bits and words
  • Backup of persistent variables can now be done in RUNNING mode
  • Remote connection through Ethernet devices (transactional and Unit ID)
Improve Twido conversion by better diagnostics concerning system words and bits
Two-character strings in "Operation" function
Improved performance in Ladder editor
Improved management of %S0 during the first cycle
Grafcet steps objects have been added in Tools view

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