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How to access SCADA Alarms using a third party OPC A&E Client

Published date: 27 March 2019

Using a third party OPC A&E Client to access Alarm Server data (OPC A&E Server).

Product Line
PowerSCADA Expert (all versions)

OPC A&E (Alarms and Events) Client

You can use a third party OPC client application, such as Matrikon, to access your system and view alarm server data.
To register your alarm server (in your OS) you need to have administrative privileges.

To allow the third party application access: 

1.  Select the project and run the Computer Setup Wizard.

2.  On the General Options setup dialog select 'Register' . The Alarm server for that project is then registered and available for access via the third party application.

3.  Run the third party application. From the list of available servers select Serck.ScxV6OPCAE.<AlarmServerName>.<IP address>

4.  Connect to the Server and depending on your third party application Create Event Subscription

All events will be listed. Runtime does not need to be restarted after this change. 

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