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Video: How to organize Trends in Power Monitoring Expert 8.x and 9.0

Published date: 29 January 2019

Trending in Web Applications of Power Monitoring Expert does not allow for an assigned grouping or folder structure.  
This can make Trends time consuming to view when attempting to monitor multiple trends for one site or one certain value trend for multiple sites.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 8.x
Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 9.0

PME Web Applications

Trends are intended to work in conjunction with Dashboards of the Web application and are to be organized within the Dashboard component.


*note: video was developed in PME 8.2

Create dashboards to group like trends to open with one click.
This article assumes familiarity with creating trends and is written as such for just grouping purposes.

**note for PME 9.0 the library has moved to the left for Trends and Dashboards.  Also, the names of buttons have changed.  This is noted in the steps below.

1. Note the full URL for each individual trend you plan to group together
  • Open Trends in Web Applications
  • Right click on the desired trend and select "Open in New Window"
  • Copy the URL/ address in the new browser windows address bar
2. Repeat step 1 for each trend of the group, noting each URL separately

3. Create a dashboard to group trends
  • a)  Select the Dashboard tab within Web Applications
  • b)  Click Add Dashboard (for PME 9.0 click the stack icon first)
  • c)  Give the dashboard a relevant name for the grouping, such as ("Building A Power Trends" for grouping kW trends of a specific building)
  • d)  Click Add Gadget...
  • e)  Select Web on the left hand pane
  • f )  Select Web Viewer and click Next
  • g)  Give the gadget a relevant name for the trend you will select and click Next such as ("Building A kWA" for the A phase power trend)
  • h)  Enter the proper URL (noted in step 1) in the Source field for the name chosen above
  • i )  Set the refresh interval to how often you would like it to take a snapshot of the trend.
  • j )  Leave all other settings default and click Finish
  • k)  Adjust the size of the gadget by clicking and dragging the bottom left corner of the gadget
  • l )  Repeat steps 3d-3j until a gadget is created for all trends to be grouped with this grouping.
  • m) Once you have all trends represented as gadgets for this "group" click Finish on the bottom right of the Dashboard Controls ( for PME 9.0 the button is Save)
Repeat the above steps for all trends and dashboards that may be needed to complete your system.

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