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Can my obsolete Altivar drive be replaced in my Trane Enclosure?

Published date: 03 April 2018

Customer has an old Trane enclosure in which the obsolete Altivar drive has failed 

Product Line:
Trane enclosures with Altivar drives 


Need to replace a failed drive, but the drive model is now obsolete and not available

We recommend contacting Trane for this issue. The reason for this is because if the Altivar drive is now obsolete, then it would need to be replaced with a currently-offered drive, which will likely have many different characteristics than the old drive. And Trane built these enclosures so they would have the wiring diagrams for them. Schneider Electric only has information about enclosures that we build. Generally, with most enclosures, if the exact same drive isn't available for replacement, we recommend replacing the whole enclosure instead of just replacing the drive.

When replacing enclosed drives with newer-model drives, differences can include different physical dimensions, wiring terminal locations, communications abilities, and many others. Another big difference may be that the newer-model drive generates more heat than the older-model drive. Enclosures are built specifically for the drive included in them, and installing a drive that creates more heat than the original drive could cause thermal issues inside the enclosure and lead to more part failure. 


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