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Why is my default historic list empty

Published date: 22 November 2018


The example below is intended to demonstrate one or more features or methods and is presented as a configuration example only. Schneider Electric assumes no liability for the use or application of this example or any portion thereof.


When I right click on a point and select "Display Historic List" I get an empty list, even though I'm sure there is data for the default time span.


The most common cause is that the point has a customized color palette, with "Normal Foreground" color set to white.
Some customers want to see values in mimics with black background and white foreground, and it works fine with mimics (see example below):

Unfortunately, the default list triggered from the object menu does not follow the point's color palette for the background color, only for the
foreground, which may result not on an empty list (even though it looks like that), but on a list with "white text on white background":

Note: Embedded lists can have its background color changed.

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