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Can one save an offline configuration for the EM4800 using the EM4800 Configuration Tool

Published date: 11 September 2019

End user would like to save a configuration file for the EM4800 while not being connected to the EM4800.

Product Line

Meter Configuration Software

End user may not have the EM4800 meter present and would like to use the configuration software

The EM4800 Configuration Tool must be connected to an EM4800 over ethernet in order to be used. If you do not have an ethernet connection to the EM4800 meter you may get an error message that looks like the picture below

The error will be cause by either not inputting an IP address in the IP field or that the IP address you have entered is correct. 

If one needs more information or the install file for the EM4800 configuration check out FA369955

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