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ClearSCADA: Verify Scripting Connection

Published date: 25 August 2019

As a simple check, the script below may be used to test the connection between ClearSCADA scripts and the ClearSCADA database.  This can be used to test the connection between the client hosting the script and the ClearSCADA Server.
To run this test, open the script editor (i.e. from a mimic object) and enter the code below.  Then, create a button on that same mimic and configure a pick action to call the script
Option Explicit
Public Sub GetRootObject
  Dim Obj
  Set Obj = Server.RootObject
  MsgBox "If you are reading this your connection worked"
End Sub

If the connection is successful, then you should be presented with the following dialog:

Note: If the problem is with another ClearSCADA database listening on the WebX ports then this script will probably still work.

The Resource Center article, ‘Diagnosing Scripting Connection Errors’ provides troubleshooting tips to help resolve issues related to scripts not working.  The article may be found here:

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