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ClearSCADA Client Operational Requirments for Sufficient Performance

Published date: 28 August 2019

ClearSCADA has several recommended operational limits. Passive deviation around below listed limits may result in system that is unstable, unreliable and may cause slow performance in ViewX. The recommended operational limits for ClearSCADA clients are:
  • Minimum ViewX to ClearSCADA server link bandwidth = 2 Mbit
  • Maximum ViewX to ClearSCADA server link latency = 150 ms
  • Minimum WebX client to WebX server link bandwidth = 1 Mbit
  • Minimum Original WebX client to ClearSCADA server link bandwidth = 1 Mbit

These operational requirements are for ClearSCADA 2017 R3 and older. Please check ClearSCADA Help for more up to date information on operational requirements for ClearSCADA Client.

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