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How to link ScadaPack 500 tags to Vijeo Designer

Published date: 05 November 2019

Looking at the configuration software for the ScadaPack 500, there is logic editor that looks very similar to Unity Pro. Is there any way to import the tags from the ScadaPack into Vijeo Desginer?

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer, ScadaPack 500 series

In the configuration software for the ScadaPack 500 series (RemoteConnect), there is a logic editor that integrates the Unity Pro XL software suite and features. In the logic editor, we are able to export the tags of the ScadaPack 500 to an XVM file that we can easily import into Vijeo Designer. To import the tags into Vijeo Designer, simply follow the procedure below:

1) Open RemoteConnect
2) Open your ScadaPack 500 series project
3) Goto ScadaPack x70 Logic and press "Open Editor"

4) In the editor that appears, you will see a window that looks similar to Unity Pro.
5) Right Click on "Variables & FB Instances"
6) Select Export 
7) Change the "Save as type" to XVM
8) Type a file name and press export.
9) Open your Vijeo Designer project.
10) Add a Modbus TCP/IP or RTU driver at the I/O Manager
11) Right Click on Variables
12) Select "Link Variables"
13) Set "Files of type" to *.XVM
14) "Navigate to the XVM file 
15) Press Open.
16) In the dialog that appears, add all the tags you need from the ScadaPack 500 series.

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