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How can we make the WebGate window appear larger in Internet Explorer?

Published date: 27 November 2019

When working with the Vijeo Designer Web Gate in Internet Explorer on a 4K Display, the Web Gate window appears very small if we are using a an HMI server with 320x240 resolution.

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer, Web Gate

By design, the Vijeo Designer Web Gate will display the precise screen resolution of the HMI server in the Internet Explorer browser. Unfortunately, it is not possible to enlarge the window size today using Internet Explorer nor Vijeo Designer. One possible option is to use the built-in Magnifier of Windows 10. This built-in Magnifier is able to zoom in the entire screen or a specific window. To enable the Windows 10 Magnifier, press the Windows Key + I. A small application will appear and you will be able to choose how much zoom is required.

Please see this Microsoft article for more details:


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