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    Connected home

Connected home

The comfort and convenience that comes from complete control

It’s easy to create and manage the ambience of your entire home, and operate nearly anything from anywhere and at anytime. Just reach for your nearest control device… and you’re all set. 
Enjoying the day in the garden or balcony and want to listen to some music? Simply grab your mobile phone and turn on your multi-room audio system. Feel a bit cold while watching a movie? Just use your remote control to adjust the temperature via a MicrosoftTM Media Centre menu on your TV.
Wiser Home Control isn’t only about giving you complete control. With Wiser, things in your home can happen automatically according to your lifestyle and routine. So gently wake up on weekdays as your music slowly fades up, your curtains open and your alarm system deactivates from night mode. And when you head to work, your lights turn off, your blinds close, your music fades and your air conditioner powers down when you touch the “Goodbye” button.
Forget to turn off the air-conditioner or bedroom lights? Don’t worry. You can turn them off through your mobile phone when you are on the road, or through your office computer.

Entertainment that follows you around

Transform your living room into a home theatre. Let your favourite music travel with you from the living room to the garden and all points in between.
Ready to zone out with a movie? To enjoy optimal picture and sound quality when playing your Blu-ray discs, a perfect lighting ambience is as important as meticulously positioned and tuned AV equipment. Simply activate the “Home Theatre” scene to automatically close the curtains to eliminate external light, adjust various lights, room temperature and fan speed for the best home theatre ambience, scroll down your projection screen and turn on the disc player… Just one touch of your remote control or web tablet does it all.
You can also turn audio and visual devices on and off, and play, pause, stop or rewind the movie via MicrosoftTM Media Centre on the TV screen. Choose the “Intermission” scene to brighten the lights and pause the movie until you select the “Home Theatre” scene again. 
With your Wiser-connected multi-room audio system, your favourite music will travel with you from the family room to the swimming pool and every point in between without skipping a beat.

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